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AR15: Good evening…
We meet at last.
You must be… Sangvis Ferri’s Mastermind, am I correct?


???: ...I have a name of my own.

AR15: *cough*
*cough* … You sure hit lightly... SF Leader…
Doesn’t even hurt as much… as a punch from M16...

???: You shouldn’t have lied to me.
You were chosen as a lab rat for Parapluie because you have a true personality.
I trusted that you would be reliable, that you would bring M4A1 to me.

AR15: You ought to update your databases, Milady…
16Lab’s technology is far more advanced than you can imagine. Not even Parapluie can control me.
And this personality is just a mask, we can become anyone… for the sake of revenge...

???: “Revenge?”
A doll giving up their life for something other than orders…
...I cannot understand this.

AR15: Oh yes… I’m sure you don’t understand…
...All the damage you’ve caused… all my friends that you’ve hurt so far...

???: …
I am simply doing what I think is right.

AR15: And this is war, my fair lady of Sangvis Ferri…
It’s not a game of blocks that you play on the floor at home. Everybody has to pay a price.
If you still don’t understand, then I’ll show you in a more straightforward way...

???: A detonator…
So those explosives were prepared for me...

AR15: I hope you understand the difference between the battlefield and the negotiation table next time.
This time, however, you can kindly go and die.

???: This sort of thing… is meaningless to me.

AR15: Of course I know that… but I just want to say…
Go to hell, SF scum!


???: You’re worthless like this.
This isn’t the judgement a doll ought to make.
This meeting should end.
See you next time, AR15.

AR15: …
...Did you...


M4A1: …!

[There is the sound of an enormous explosion and M4A1 hears someone calling her from far away.]

???: ...A1...

M4A1: Urgh...

RO635: …M4A1! …M4!

M4A1: …!

  • cough*

I… where am I...

RO635: M4, you’re finally awake!
DId you forget? We just fought alongside the Commander and won, and we were advancing…
Er… what’s with you?

[M4A1 glares viciously at RO.]

M4A1: Then why the hell did you wake me up?

RO635: Ah… according to the latest intel, the area ahead is covered with SF’s Parapluie virus.
None of our forces can advance, so we can only wait for the army to handle it, but the Commander gave us a new mission...

M4A1: I’ll talk to the Commander. You lot stand by for now.

[M4A1 brushes past RO’s shoulder and walks away.]

RO635: M4…
Did I make her mad or something?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Er… M4 used to be afraid of strangers.

RO635: Is that so… but just now, she was looking at me like she wanted to eat me up.
Did she like… get out on the wrong side of the bed or something?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: I don’t recall her being like that…
Maybe she hasn’t actually had enough rest.

RO635: I hope that’s the reason…
Ahh… why do these things never go well...

M4A1: What are you chatting about?
The Commander says that the recon echelons have sighted a bunch of paralyzed military units. RO, you have EW capabilities, right?

RO635: Ah, yes!

M4A1: Then we’ll head out there right now.
If they can be fixed, they might be able to help the Commander out.

[At the same time, in the army’s main command room.]

Carter: According to the report from my man, M4A1 has returned to her unit.
And that thing, the “key”... reacted immediately to Persica’s little toy.
It looks like your information was correct.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Doubting me is the most foolish mistake you will make in your life, Carter-san.

Carter: I have always trusted your judgement, so I’ve also made preparations to carry out “the plan”.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Then can you guarantee the plan will progress as we agreed?

Carter: That is the objective of this joint operation.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: I know you’ve gone to great lengths for this operation. You even made the first move to seek the cooperation of mooks like Griffin.
But how will you deal with that Kryuger? Will he interfere?

Carter: They’re simply our excuse to enter that area. The role which Kryuger and his Commander play is utterly insignificant.
Now that M4A1 has shown up, we can leave the rest alone.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Just as well. Let those annoying maggots crawl around for a while longer.
Nothing else matters as long as the people from the Central Committee don’t come and interfere.
So tell me, how are you going to initiate “the plan” afterwards?

Carter: SF’s combat units alone can’t stop the attack of my men.
If this keeps up, they’ll be forced to use their ace in the hole - and we know what that is.
And that is when “the plan” will be officially implemented.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Hmph…
It’s exactly what I thought. The army has no creativity when it comes to planning their operations after all.

Carter: It is the safest course of action.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: I can’t fault you for doing so, but I’d like you to make “contact” with SF’s Mastermind before that.

Carter: Is this part of “the plan” as well? I wasn’t told about it.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: It has nothing to do with “the plan”. I’m simply a little interested in it.

Carter: Then is it an item which needs to be completed?

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Carter-san, I do not wish to speak in such forceful terms again.
When I say “I would like”, it means “it must be done”.

Carter: *sighs* I know, I’ll settle it.

Electronically Processed Male Voice: Then... let me see the final masterpiece of that man.

[At the same time…]
[In a hidden comms point on the battlefield.]

Angelia: Tch...
Well, we just heard something incredible. This trip wasn’t a wasted one after all.
Oi, AK12, how much longer can we stay hidden?

Doll With Closed Eyes: Oh, not long, less than 30 seconds.

Angelia: Should have told me earlier, doll.
Right, end surveillance and drop out of stealth now.

Doll With Closed Eyes: Aw, do you have to be so cautious? I’m interested in hearing what comes next.

Angelia: Whatever they plan to do means nothing to us.
The question is their purpose for doing so.
From what I see now, I believe the “key” Carter mentioned was the SF Mastermind. Don’t you think?
But if they wanted to capture the Mastermind, then Operation Butterfly would have clearly been the best opportunity to do so. Why did they have to wait until now...

Doll With Closed Eyes: Can we make our move now? We’re ready.

Angelia: These messages can’t be taken as direct evidence. Send it to HQ first.
And don’t be so impatient. You’ll lose interest after a while anyway.

Doll With Closed Eyes: It can’t be helped. I prefer to spend my time rather than enjoying it.

Angelia: Then it’s time to move, my little doll-san.
Tell your partner and the newcomer that we’re going further in.