Story/Normal 10-2 (Part2)/Script

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[The SF offensive is endless and the breakthrough is very difficult.]

M4A1: *cough* Why did SF send so many troops over!?

Clear Woman's Voice: You should know why.

M4A1: The Mastermind’s still looking for me, that must be it!
But how does she know my position? It makes no sense!

Clear Woman's Voice: Your teammates won’t make it if you keep being distracted.

M4A1: I know that! Shut up! Dammit… No, I can’t think about this now. Focus, M4A1!

XM3: M4! What should we do now!? There’s too many of them and we can’t break out!

M4A1: Pull your people back! We’ll focus our fire and go for another charge!
There aren’t many dolls who can still move, I don’t think we can still...

[Several shells land among the Griffin forces.]

M4A1: XM3? ...XM3, can you hear me?
XM3… don’t tell me...

Clear Woman's Voice: Her signal’s disappeared, if you still don’t change-

M4A1: Shut up! I know that!
What should I do next… will I disappear too…
No, I need to get out of here…
But XM3 and the others...

[Bang! Bangbang!]

M4A1: …!

[The sudden round of fire swiftly rips apart the SF encirclement.]

M4A1: …!
M4A1: Is that backup!?

[The SF offensive evaporates after the second round of shooting and explosions.]


Human Soldier: Clear the corners! Watch for ambushes!
Confirmed all SF signals have vanished, hold on, there’s still a trace of movement over here!

M4A1: I’m a friendly! Don’t shoot! I’m a Griffin doll!

Human Soldier: Drop your weapon! Face down on the ground now!

Yegor: Everyone, lower your weapons, this is our rescue target!

Human Soldier: Sir!

Yegor: Get the drone tanks over here, leave one to watch over the wreckage of the train cabin.
Take stock of the remaining Griffin units and send some transportation over. We’ll leave once everyone’s mounted up.

Human Soldier: Understood, sir!

M4A1: Sorry! And thank you for your support!
Ah… may I know...

Yegor: Yegor, Captain.

M4A1: Thank you very much, Captain Yegor!

Yegor: No need for that,

Human Soldier: We’ve finished our count! No surviving Griffin units.

M4A1: …!

Yegor: How fragile.
Well, it was obvious, given that they went onto the battlefield with gear like that.
I’ll issue you a suit of camouflage afterwards. Don’t make yourself a target outside.

M4A1: ...Captain Yegor, I would like to make a request!

Yegor: Speak.

M4A1: Can we take their bodies with us?
Some of them might still have intact cores, that way they won’t need to...

Yegor: No.
All dolls need to do is re-download their neural clouds when they’re repaired. Their memories of these few minutes aren’t worth our battlefield resources.

M4A1: But...

Yegor: You should be glad that they completed their mission.

M4A1: If… I had done a better job...

Yegor: Dolls were made to complete their missions, and so were you.
Sacrifice is an unavoidable part of that. It is a perfectly natural occurrence on the battlefield.
Feeling guilty about it will only cause more of your teammates to die.

M4A1: I...

Yegor: They’ve finished their mission. Are you going to stay here so you can die again?

M4A1: No… I can’t stay here...

Yegor: Then get on and go to where you should be.

[M4A1 leaves the scene of the battle with the soldiers, heading towards the frontline.]


M4A1: More people sacrificed themselves for me again…
Why does this always happen...

Clear Woman's Voice: That’s because you’re special, and you’re irreplaceable.

M4A1: I don’t want to be special! I don’t want people to sacrifice themselves for me again!

Clear Woman's Voice: Then you must become stronger. When you become strong, the enemy will not be able to hurt you and your friends.

M4A1: Become stronger… but how...

Clear Woman's Voice: Examine yourself, and become the real you.

M4A1: What is… the real me...

Clear Woman's Voice: What was your aim when you came back here?

M4A1: To find the Mastermind… to destroy her, and end all of this...

Clear Woman's Voice: Then go fulfil your aim. Perhaps you will discover yourself once you accomplish it.

M4A1: But… I might end up involving others for this aim…
I’m not sure what will happen if I carry on...

Clear Woman's Voice: There is no victory without sacrifice.
This is the price you will pay to grow. If you stay where you are, then their sacrifice will have been in vain.

M4A1: Sacrifice...

Clear Woman's Voice: What did AR15 do in order to protect you?

M4A1: How, how do you know this!?

Clear Woman's Voice: What did M16A1 do in order to protect you?

M4A1: …!

Clear Woman's Voice: The fact is, you are special, and as you are now, you cannot avoid your destiny, and you have no choice in the matter.
If you keep running from it, if you keep being weak, you’ll only lose more of the people who love you.
Do you want to keep running until you’re alone again?

M4A1: I… don’t want that...

Clear Woman's Voice: You are not the cause for their sacrifice, but your weakness condones it.
Therefore, all you can do is become stronger. Only then can you decide your fate and that of everyone else.

M4A1: I have to… be stronger...

Clear Woman's Voice: You have to be stronger.
Examine your heart, become strong and brave.
Use your sense of self to face your mission, complete it, and complete the real you.

M4A1: ...I understand.
I will… I will pay any price to destroy the Mastermind.
The sacrifices will only stop once this war comes to an end!

[At the same time, RO and SOP2 have retrieved M16A1’s gear, and are preparing to take the transport chopper home to meet the Commander.]

RO635: What’s the matter?

RO, that doll over there...

RO635: …!

M4A1: Long time no see...

M4A1: …SOP2, and you, RO-san.

RO635: How do you do, M4A1-san, it’s an honor to meet you...

M4A1: It’s hardly an honor, I’m just a modification of the same product.

M4 SOPMOD II: M4, are… you alright?

M4A1: I’m fine. Thank you for your hard work, SOP2.
That thing… did it belong to M16-nee?

M4 SOPMOD II: M4… I’m sorry, M16-nee...

M4A1: ...I know what happened. You both did very well. Thank you.
Get on, we’re about to move out.

RO635: Move out? Move out where?

M4A1: ...
Kryuger-san has personally announced an operation that has the utmost priority…
That is to say, the battle to annihilate the mastermind.