Story/Normal 10-2 (Part1)/Script

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[M4A1 verifies that the signal from the other side of the door belongs to Griffin and carefully opens it.]
[An unfamiliar doll stares at her.]

M4A1: Excuse me...

XM3: The data matches, so you should be M4A1-san, am I right?

M4A1: Who are you…?

XM3: I’m the Griffin Tactical Doll XM3, a friend of yours. Don’t you have my data?

M4A1: I’ve been away from the unit for some time, so I haven’t downloaded the data for new members yet.

XM3: That’s alright. In that case, it would be the Commander’s fault for not telling me ahead of time.
In any case, I was sent by the Commander to pick you up.

M4A1: The Commander did that… for me? He sent all these teams?

XM3: Why not? You’re an important doll. I know you’re worth it.

M4A1: Er… but, how did the Commander know I was here?

XM3: The Commander received news saying that you were here. He took it very seriously and immediately ordered all of us here.
We’ll have time to chat on the way. Let’s mount up first.

[10 minutes later, the transport train is travelling down the tracks.]

M4A1: Where are we going now?

XM3: Eh? Did you run over by yourself without knowing anything?
We’re headed to the frontlines now. The Commander is in charge of this operation’s vanguard. He’ll be hunting for the SF Mastermind with the army.
I’ve already transmitted the details to you.

M4A1: ...I understand. I was simply worried that I was following the wrong unit, but it seems there’s no mistake.
Do you know where SOP2 is?

XM3: A moment please, I’ll check the assignment log.
The AR Team… they should be out on another mission. They’ve been gone for a while now, they ought to be back soon.

M4A1: “They”?

XM3: SOP2 and RO635. Is there a problem?

M4A1: Ah, no…
(RO...635? Did the AR Team gain a new member?)
And what’s the Commander doing now?

XM3: The Commander is supporting army operations on the frontline. He was quite surprised when he learned that you were coming back and sent us to get you.

M4A1: Does that mean you came over from the frontlines?

XM3: Of course not. We just happened to be in the area on a logistics mission, so the Commander assigned us to do it.

M4A1: My apologies for inconveniencing you.

XM3: It’s alright as long as you’re useful.
Still, you’re really brave to be charging in alone like this. This place is more dangerous than any contracted sector Griffin has ever handled.

M4A1: I sincerely apologize. I rushed in here without thinking and made trouble for you.

XM3: It’s not your fault, but if this wasn’t on the Commander’s orders, then which human gave you such a crazy mission? It’s just too much.

M4A1: No… I came voluntarily.

XM3: Voluntarily? What does “voluntarily” mean?

[A puzzled look appears on XM3’s face.]

M4A1: Er… let me think…
Our team has always been searching for a way to completely eliminate SF.
So naturally, this operation to hunt the Mastermind would also be an objective of mine.

XM3: You’ve got such a high-priority target? It must be tough for you too.

M4A1: That’s fine. I’m fighting for everyone else too.

  • quietly* But I can’t miss this, not even for them...

XM3: Well, that’s a special ops team leader for you. If only everyone had your initiative.
This is the largest-scale operation in Griffin’s history. A lot of the orderly dolls are already overloaded with work. These trash dolls over here are even more nervous than that.

XM3: Well, I said “in Griffin’s history”, but that’s only 2 years or so...

M4A1: (She looks so serious on the surface, but her words are very harsh…)
Still, you don’t look too bothered by it.

XM3: All the training I went through before this was for this day.
I’ve got a chance to win unprecedented honor for myself after just arriving here. Aren’t I lucky?

M4A1: Aren’t you afraid of the things that frighten the other dolls?
Like say… dying on the battlefield and losing your neural cloud records and such?

[XM3 is silent for a moment.]

XM3: ...In any case, other people will remember me.

M4A1: Eh?

XM3: Also, is losing your neural cloud very scary? Wouldn’t it be better to say it’s a privilege only dolls can enjoy?

M4A1: A privilege?

XM3: Humans die when they get shot, but isn’t that just a part of life for dolls?
There’s no real death for us. Being killed is just a way of growing, so I’ve decided to accept it.

M4A1: (Is that part of a doll’s life…)
(Perhaps I was never one of them from the beginning…)

XM3: What’s wrong?

M4A1: It’s nothing… You’ll make a good team leader, XM3.
Are you still connected to the Commander? I’d like to contact him.

XM3: Certainly, but you’ll need to connect to me.
All channels are encrypted now, and you can’t get through with normal communication modules...


M4A1: The engine’s been hit! Enemy attack! Get out of the cabin!

[Boom! Boom!]

M4A1: XM3, are you alright!?

XM3: *coughs* I’m still alive, I can still fight!
We’re in the rear, how did they get here, didn’t anyone notice!?

M4A1: It doesn’t matter! Contact the Commander immediately!
All other dolls get to battle stations and prepare to fight back!

[5 minutes later.]

M4A1: What’s the situation!?

XM3: I’m in touch with the Commander, but the main force is too far away from us and the Commander’s units can’t get here right away!

M4A1: We can only count on ourselves! But given the number of dolls we have now...

XM3: The Commander also said that he notified the nearby military units!
The army will be coming over to help us right away! We need to move towards them!

M4A1: The army, huh… it’s better than nothing.

XM3: The Commander’s turned over command authority to you! You’ve got a command module, right? You give the orders!

M4A1: Thank the Commander for me!
All units, listen up! Rally to me and prepare to break through the encirclement!

XM3: Everyone, listen to M4 and prepare to attack!