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Persica: Are you really… going to set out right now?

M4A1: Yes.

Persica: Your functions aren’t fully calibrated, and the situation outside is very dangerous...

M4A1: You know I have to go.
If you must stop me, then close my connection and terminate my functions.

Persica: ...I understand. You won’t change your mind.
My personal helicopter is on the roof, and the Commander will give you the position of the AO...

M4A1: Thank you… Persica-san.

[The Tactical Doll M4A1 leaves.]

Persica: As I thought, her digimind’s started to change after I removed its limitations.
Still, this isn’t the time to think of such things.

[Persica goes online.]

System Message: Connection successful.

Persica: ...

Sound Only: What a surprise, to think the great Persica-san would actually contact me.

Persica: Come off it, you left that message in the SF database, didn’t you?
Don’t hide from me, I know it’s you, Angelia.

Angelia: Ah…
That name brings back memories.

Persica: You’ve changed aliases again?

Angelia: Let’s stick with this one. I like it, especially the way it sounds when you say it.

Persica: ...Cut the crap, did you or did you not leave that message?

Angelia: Haha, so someone found it at last.

Persica: Since you knew the address, I figured you’d go over sooner or later.

Angelia: That message is me repaying a debt that I owe you. Asking more will do you no good.

Persica: Still not willing to trust me?

Angelia: If all you want to do is reminisce about the past, then I’ll pass, because I’m very busy.

Persica: ...Let’s change the subject.
I found the monitor logs from back then.
But the transporting UAV was shot down in a contaminated zone, and I need that squad to help me retrieve it.

Angelia: Why not let the AR Team handle this?

Persica:Kryuger transferred all the dolls away, though...

Angelia: ...All of them?
I do look forward to seeing Griffin’s next operation...

Persica:So are you helping or not?

Angelia: I think you already know what happened, even without looking at the logs.

Even so… I want to verify it with my own eyes.
I’m sure you know how I feel.

Angelia: Tch…
Fine, but I’ll tell you up front - we’re not giving any discounts. After all, we need to make a living.

Persica:As long as you can get the file, you can name your price.
(TL Note: yes, this is the exact same conversation Persica has in the beginning of Deep Dive.)

Persica: Also... there’s one more thing I should probably tell you.

Angelia: Then don’t, it’s sure to be bad news.

Persica: She left anyway, and I couldn’t stop her.

Angelia: Hah… I knew it.

Persica: That’s my other request.

Persica: Ensure the safety of M4 and the AR Team...

Angelia: That’s going to be a lot harder than the previous mission.
You should know, right? They’re within the operational radius of the military. That’s a bit outside of my reach.

Persica: I know that… but you’re the only one who can protect them.
After all, you and them...

Angelia: Save it, I’ve already forgotten it…
Anyway, you’d better be prepared to move house. You’ve placed a really big order this time.

Persica: Thank you, and it’s fine… after all, you’re the only one I can count on...

Angelia: Persica, you...

Persica: But if you fail, I won’t give you a single cent.

Angelia: You…!
If I retire, I’m never going to raise a cat! So long!

[Angelia roughly cuts the transmission off.]

Persica: Did you know, Angelia?
That’s what cat owners always say at first.

[3 Hours later.]

Wireless: Aircraft 193x432-1, this is temporary air traffic control, please identify yourself.

Pilot: This is the IOP transport helicopter, registration number xed900002.
We’ve already requested clearance to pass through the airspace ahead.

Wireless: Stand by Aircraft 193x432-1, we are currently examining your flight path.

Pilot: Roger, holding position.

M4A1: What’s the matter?

Pilot: It’s strange, there wasn’t this much air traffic control along this route before.

Wireless: Airspace 193x432-1, the airspace you intend to pass through has been designated as a military restricted area. Entry is forbidden to unauthorized individuals. Please depart immediately.

Pilot: Roger, beginning departure.

M4A1: We can’t reach our destination?

Pilot: The airspace has been locked down. All we can do is turn back.

M4A1: Is the surface locked down as well?

Pilot: I’m not sure about that, but if it’s a military restricted area, then it should be the same whether you're in the air or on the ground.

M4A1: Land me nearby, I’ll give it a try on the ground.

[15 minutes later.]

M4A1: I’m on the surface, but the roads have been blocked off.
This used to be a Griffin-controlled area, but I can’t contact the Commander.
I guess I’ll have to try my luck.

Human Soldier: Halt! Entry is forbidden!
M4A1: I’m a special duties Tactical Doll from Sector S09’s Griffin detachment. I’m returning to my unit to carry out my mission.
This is my ID number.

Human Soldier: A Griffin Tactical Doll?
The area up ahead is a restricted area for a joint operation. Any Griffin dolls who wish to enter will need to be authorized by a registered commander.

M4A1: I… rushed over from somewhere else. I haven’t met my Commander yet.

Human Soldier: Then go contact your master first, puppet-san.
But I’d suggest you give up on it. A skinny little thing like you won’t be able to do any good running recklessly in there, especially with a weapon like that.

M4A1: …

???: This "skinny little thing" can snap your spine in an instant, so I suggest you choose your words carefully.

Human Soldier: Who are you!?

Mature Human Woman: A Captain from the 17th Mixed Recon Brigade. This is my identification. May I go in?

Human Soldier: Yes! Please enter, ma’am!

Mature Human Woman: This doll is my adjutant. She’s going in with me.

M4A1: !?

Human Soldier: Yes, ma’am! But she just said she was a Griffin...

Mature Human Woman: I’ve just drafted her.

Human Soldier: Yes ma’am! She’s been authenticated, so please enter, ma’am!

M4A1: …

[M4A1 and the woman enter the restricted area.]

M4A1: Angelia-san.

Angelia: You saw the name on the ID?
M4A1: I saw it, but I can’t be your adjutant.
I’m going to find my Commander.

[Angelia laughs.]

Angelia: I trust you don’t actually expect me to praise your honesty?

M4A1: I was just telling the truth...

Angelia: I know.
But do you know where to go to find your Commander?
Your Commander is at the forefront of the action, and all information has been encrypted by the military. You’ll have a hard time finding anything with your access privileges.

M4A1: This is Griffin-managed area. I’ll figure something out.

Angelia: It used to be.
Right now, you’re like a little bird who just struggled free of her cage and is currently bumping into everything.
You see that smoke up ahead? SF just destroyed another resupply team.
This is an actual battlefield. A couple of Vespids or Jaegers or even a few Dinergates could be the end of you.

M4A1: Then why did you bring me here?

Angelia: Someone paid me to help you, so I have to satisfy you even if it means your death.

M4A1: Persica-san?

Angelia: Very wise.

M4A1: But I’ve never heard Persica-san mention you before. Who exactly are you?

Angelia: I…

[Ange carefully looks M4A1 over.]

Angelia: I’m just a mercenary you can see everywhere in his day and age. I take money and do business. Nobody special.

M4A1: So… that ID just now was fake?

Angelia: The army’s good at locking things down, but I’m an expert in this field.

Angelia: Still, don’t worry. I’m here to help you this time, in my own way… any other questions?

[M4A1 is silent for a while.]

M4A1: Please tell me what to do next.

Angelia: Hm?

M4A1: You just said that Persica-san sent you to help me, right?
I… I don’t know what I should do after this...

Angelia: You were planning on running headlong into a military zone with no preparation whatsoever?

M4A1: I just want to return to my unit… to my friends, and then settle the score with SF’s Mastermind.
But I don’t know how to do that…
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, it makes no sense...

Angelia: You want to become stronger, but that’s not what you naturally are, so it really is too difficult for you.

M4A1: I...

Angelia: There’s a small outpost up ahead. Wait in there.

M4A1: What?

Angelia: Your commander will come and pick you up. I’ll arrange it. Trust me.

M4A1: Can I… really?

Angelia: Yup.
I don’t really want to, but I’ll help you become stronger again.

M4A1: Again?

Angelia: Coming here means you’ve chosen your own path.
If you’ve made your choice, then the answer is obvious.

M4A1: But that answer didn’t come from an order, so I can’t tell if it was right or not...

Angelia: Human nature was originally designed that way, but you’re different. You’re special.
Choosing is painful, because you have to bear the consequences of your choice.
But that’s the only way to become stronger, and then you’ll be able to decide your own fate.

M4A1: My own fate...

Angelia: You trained for this day, didn’t you, M4A1 of the AR Team?

[Angelia shrugs, and walks off.]

Angelia: You’ve already changed, compared to that time…
Keep on changing, then.
(Only then can you become hope, the only hope that they won’t get their way…)

[At the same time in Sector S11, in the Griffin command post.]

Kalina: Commander, our logistic resources have reached the base! Now all that’s left is the orders from the military!
Huh? Did I disturb you?
Sorry, sorry! This is a big operation, so I got a little worked up! Besides, you’re nervous too, right? It’s rare to see you up this early in the morning!
...Yeah, there’s no way you could calm down after suddenly getting orders like this, huh.
At last… we’re going to fight the final battle against the SF mastermind.
We’ve been battling them for so long, but we were caught a little off guard when the moment actually arrived, huh.
And this is the first time Griffin is collaborating with the army, so I don’t know if it’ll turn out well…
Huh? I talk too much? Commander, how can you say that about your adjutant?
In any case, there’s no point thinking too much about it, all we need to do is move as the army commands!
Commander, get ready to go all-out on the frontlines! I’ll support your from the rear as well as I can!

[A request to open communications reaches the command room.]

Kalina: It’s here, it’s here! It must the army’s orders!


Helian: Oh good, you’re here too, Kalina.

Kalina: What… it’s only Helian-san...

Helian: Why do you look so disappointed…
Commander, your forces have already reached the combat zone, but the other commanders are still in the rear, so I have an important task for you to handle.

Kalina: Ohhh! So it was a full mobilization after all!
Helian: 5 minutes ago, SF launched attacks from several field bases and caused great damage to our supply lines.
These bases have already been marked on your map by our recon echelons. I need you to eliminate them immediately to ensure the smooth flow of supplies from the rear.

Kalina: So the SF bases here?

Helian: Yes. This is a crucial operation, so you mustn’t be careless, especially since this is the heart of SF territory.
Therefore, I’ll be handing this task to you. Is that alright?
Very good, Commander. We’ve always had confidence in you. I wish you all the best.

Kalina: So this is a warm up before the big battle? Let’s go, Commander!