Story/Normal 1-6 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-6-2

Flanked by Griffin troops, Scarecrow is defeated.
As Griffin T-Dolls immobilize and capture her, the operation enters the final stretch...
Helian: Sangvis T-Doll SP65 'Scarecrow', your efforts in resistance were all futile.
Helian: Surrender immediately, and we will seize you in one piece.

Scene 1-6-3

Scarecrow: Humph, so this is.... how it ends for me…
Helian: Just give up, whatever you're, it's clearly impossible now.
Helian: VZ61 has been rescued. The information she gave you was false.
Scarecrow: False? Not entirely, I'd say.
Scarecrow: Griffin T-Dolls don't have such advanced AI.
Helian: …What?

Scene 1-6-4

Scarecrow: I know how your T-Dolls'AI is designed.
Scarecrow: When those crudely made T-Dolls ‘lie’, they just throw in some random dataon top of the truth and shuffle the sequence.
Scarecrow: So even false information has bits of truth in the mix.
Scarecrow: We just have to collect and analyze three different sets of false intel to find the common factors-the real answer.

Scene 1-6-5

Helian: …
Helian: This is strictly confidential information concerning the programming of our AI, how did you know about this?!
Helian: Who… the hell are you…?
Scarecrow: Just a lowly T-doll… from Sangvis Ferri…
Scarecrow: However, I'm not a tool that bows under human will.
Scarecrow: Do you get it… cowardly human… holed up in your base… daring to show yourself only through hologram.
Helian: Whatever. Your operation has already failed.
Helian: No matter what you know, you won't live to tell the tale.
Scarecrow: …
Scarecrow: Actually…

Scene 1-6-5

Scarecrow: …I AM telling it.
Scarecrow: Sequence number… 8354… 9266… 0223.
Scarecrow: I finally calculated M4A1's coordinates at the last minute…
Helian: … Coordinates? What are they?!
Helian: Who are you corresponding with, Sangvis?!
Executioner: …
Executioner: Copy that, Scarecrow. Well done.
Scarecrow: Hmm… I'll leave the rest to you.
Scarecrow: Farewell…
Helian: What are you doing?! Stop!
Helian: She's gonna blow herself up!
Helian: Everyone back off! Back off!!

Scene 1-6-6

…Connection lost.
Executioner: Good heavens… I should've warmed up to her sooner.
Executioner: But at least nothing can come between us now…
Executioner: M4A1, which corner are you hiding in?
Executioner: We paid a huge price just to find you, You'd better not disappoint…