Story/Normal 1-5 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-5-1

(Radio) Helian: VZ-61 is in grave danger, Commander.
(Radio) Helian: It doesn't matter whether she's leaked intel to the enemy. It is our duty to recover stranded T-Dolls.
(Radio) Helian: So our current objective is to do everything we can to rescue VZ-61.
(Radio) Helian: Your mission this time, Commander, is to assist our troops in completing this rescue operation.
(Radio) Helian: According to reports, there is a Sangvis recon base in the area, making it dangerous for us to move.
(Radio) Helian: Please destroy the base quickly, so that our forces can mobilize undetected.
(Radio) Helian: VZ-61's survival depends entirely on this operation. Begin whenever you're ready, Commander.