Story/Normal 1-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-4-2

Sangvis command post succesfully invaded. Relevant data uploaded.
Waiting for analysis from HQ. A moment later …
Kalina: Commander, the analysis is out!
Kalina: While HQ was compiling the data, they recovered some useful information.
Kalina: The Good news is, VZ-61 is still alive, but she's in a really tight spot…
Kalina: In any case, please take a look at this video feed first.

Scene 1-4-3

Video feed starts playing.
In the ruins near the battlefield, VZ-61 is being interrogated by a Sangvis T-Doll.
Scarecrow: Your cunning slightly exceeds my calculations, VZ-61 of Griffin.
Skorpion: All I did...was provide the possible location...
Scarecrow: All you did … was stall for time.
Scarecrow: Poor thing. You're going through this interrogation because of your friends, but they've already left you for dead.
Skorpion: That's not true. They're gonna come back and come back for me! She promised!
Scarecrow: Then let me remind you again, you pathetic piece of junk.
Scarecrow: They are the AR Team, cold and highly efficient elite T-dolls.
Scarecrow: You are nothing more than disposable goods to them.
Skorpion: No … not true!
Skorpion: I won't believe your lies! M4A1 is my companion!
Scarecrow: She’s not your companion, pitiful thing!
Scarecrow: Tell me where she is, and I'll be kind and let you rot on the roadside like the piece of junk that you are…
Scarecrow: … Just as you 'companions' have done.
Scarecrow: Your emotions are merely fabricated lies.
Scarecrow: I'm asking you one last time… tell me where she is?