Story/Normal 1-2 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-2-1

Control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction.
Preparing to commence our next drill as planned …
Kalina: Sorry, commander …
Kalina: We should be continuing with our Drills, but there's been a change of plans …
Kalina: HQ needs whatever help they can get, so …
??: … Let me explain.
Kalina: Eek! … Then I'll leave it to you, Miss Helian.
… A Video call from HQ is patched through.
Serious woman: …
Serious woman: Greetings, commander.
Serious woman: This is Helianthus, a senior acting officer of Griffin.
Helian: Let’s skip the pleasantries. and for efficiency's sake, just call me Helian.
Helian: As you know, Sangvis Ferri has recently launched multiple attacks in Area S09 without prior notice.
Helian: this is a huge blow on Griffin's reputation. so the higher-ups are taking this very seriously.
Helian: As HQ takes on the Sangvis forces, they've also sent me to investigate the reason behind their sudden riot.
Helian: Words from above, Commander, are that you'll be assisting me in my work till it's done.
Kalina: Hmm… Please hold on a sec, Miss Helian.
Kalina: Our commander just reported for duty and has only participated in one drill. In terms of experience…
Helian: (Sighs) … I know this might be stretching it a bit, but we don’t have time or manpower to spare.
Helian: But don’t worry commander. Judging from your past results, you're more than qualified for this mission.
Helian: As for experience, you can always get it on the real battlefield…

Scene 1-2-2

Helian: According to the latest reports, enemy movements were detected behind the field. We're guessing those are Sangvis scouts.
Helian: They're very few in number, but we can’t possibly let them roam free in times like this.
Helian: Please dispatch your troops to the designated locations, destroy the Sangvis forces and command posts to prevent our intel from being leaked.
Helian: That is all, Commander. Do your best, and show us what you're worth.