Story/Normal 0-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 0-4-3

SOPMOD II: Phew... a little breathing room?
AR-15: No, not yet, there are too many of them, we can not escape!
M16A1: Plan C then, everyone, just like we planned before.
M4A1: You mean... I am to request help from G&K HQ, by myself?
M16A1: Yes, we will disperse here to set up diversions for the enemy, make time for you.
M4A1: But! If that Ferri is still alive, then you...!
AR-15: No time for this, M4, this is the safest option!
SOPMOD II: Yeah, only you can save us now M4!
M4A1: ...Un...understood, please be careful.
M16A1: Right! Everyone split up, divert the Ferri forces!
M4A1: I promise I will find a worthy commander for everyone, I promise...
M4A1: I must do it, for everyone.

Scene 0-4-4

M4A1: This sums it all up.
M16A1: Something we just can't escape from.
M16A1: If what UMP45 spoke of was true, then this place will soon be a real battlefield, like the last time.
M4A1: Like last time... More flames, more sacrifice.
M16A1: Heh, scared M4?
M4A1: AR Team reunited once more, nothing comforts me more.
M4A1: Whatever it is, let it come.
M4A1: As long as we are together, we triumph, or we fall... Together...
M4A1: That would be the best ending, for me...