Story/Normal 0-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 0-4-1

Agent: ...I bring you your Death.
Agent: Now, open your eyes...
Agent: ...Look at me, Tactical Android M4A1, LOOK AT ME.
Agent: Time for a Grand Finale, I want your full attention.
M4A1: *Cough*
Agent: Most interesting. Your facial expressions before death, a little different from the rest.
Agent: Yes, this is the expression. More surprised, more regrets, more HATRED!
M4A1: *Coughing continues*
Agent: You stole something important from Master, Did you think you could get away easily?
Agent: First you, then your AR Team, and all the G&K Androids who are still fighting for you.
Agent: Soon, they will all be like Neonates who lost their parents.
Agent: They will struggle blindly on the battlefield, then become our prey......
Agent: After your death...... In a couple of seconds, your death right here!
M16A1: ... Sorry, she won't be dying here.
Agent: ...!
M16A1: Won't be in a couple of seconds, go to hell NOW-
M16A1: Ferri trash!
M4A1: *Cough*... *Cough*...
M16A1: Thanks to me, you escape death once more.
M4A1: Phew... M16, what is happening outside? AR-15 and...
AR-15: We're back, but Ferri reinforcements arrived, we must leave, quickly.
SOPMOD II: Support Echelons androids can still hold out for us for a bit longer, lets go now!
M16A1: M4, can you still lead? You're wounded.
M4A1: Should be fine, *Cough*... M16, perform some repairs, I'll have a look at the command module.

Scene 0-4-2

M4A1: Ok, tactical map is operating, what about communication system...?
Skorpion: Communication system operating! Hearing you loud and clear!
M4A1: (...They are the Android Echelons who defended here.)
M4A1: ...Sorry, you guys will be covering our escape.
PPSh-41: No problem, comrade, this is our duty.
M4A1: (...They... Still don't know that they are being abandoned?)
M4A1: ...Understood, we will proceed to extraction.
AR-15: Support Echelons can not hold for much longer, we must move quickly!