Story/Normal 0-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 0-3-2

M16A1: One wave down, lets have small break.
SOPMOD II: Damn! There is no end! Can't we contact Persica?!
M16A1: Ferri already discovered us, we can not risk exposing information on 16LAB, communication module shut itself down as originally planned.
M4A1: Transfer is half way complete, can we hold on a bit longer?
AR-15: No, we lack the firepower, another wave like this we're done for.
M16A1: .......There is still a back up plan girls.
M16A1: G&K support forces is near by, but they appear to be inactive, must be discarded units.
M16A1: M4, change up our combat permission signals, set us as priority support targets.
M4A1: Understood, AR-15, SOP II.
M4A1: Go lead the support Echelons to fend off the enemies, M16 stay here and defend me.
SOPMOD II: Okay! Hold out until we're back!

Scene 0-3-3

.......30 minutes later.
M4A1: ...Transfer complete!
M16A1: Phew...
M16A1: Looks like those support echelons helped out.
M4A1: Yeah, contact AR-15 and SOP II, we're leaving soon,
Agent: You're not leaving anywhere......
M16A1: Agent's signal, approaching at high speed!
Agent: Agent: ...You're only fit to carry discarded lumps of metal, only good for cleaning and kitchen chores, you've only fought maggots before this -- you bunch of trash Androids!

Scene 0-3-4

M4A1: ...*Cough* ...... *Cough Cough*!
M4A1: M16... *Cough*... Where are you...
Agent: You don't have the time to worry about others M4A1.
M4A1: ...!
Agent: ...Because... I've bought you, your death.