Story/Normal 0-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 0-2-2

M4A1: Persica, come in! Operation proceeds successful, AR Team just arrived at safe house No.3.
(Radio) Persica: Oooahh! Can Lyco's stuff be recovered?
M4A1: We just activated a connection point, but this Operating System is very outdated......
M4A1: Unable to hack the verification program, we need a pass code to boot this device.
(Radio) Persica: Oohhh...... "90WISHROCK", then add a "X", all caps, try that.
M4A1: .......Verification successful, browsing the data base now.
(Radio) Persica: Right! Copy everything inside to your Memory Module and bring it back.
M4A1: Understood, initiating data duplication, shutting down communications for now.

Scene 0-2-3

AR-15: ...So, we are in Ferri territory, searching for some Intel that even the Ferri don't know about?
SOPMOD II: Hehe, isn't this interesting?
SOPMOD II: It's just like treasure hunting!
???: Yep, all thanks to you guys, the treasure is finally in my hand.
(Radio) Agent: Sangvis Ferri, "Agent", Bids welcome to your arrival.
M16A1: ......Agent?!
M16A1: A high hierarchy Ferri Android...... Why is she here!
(Radio) Agent: "Master" wants something, located in this safe house.
(Radio) Agent: Shame the operating system was from a bygone age, even we could not decipher it.
SOPMOD II: So then... We just did the hard work for you, right?
(Radio) Agent: Master said you guys will show up, she said you guys will definitely be coming here.
(Radio) Agent: I will just have to capture and dissect you lot, rip out your Memory Modules, and Overmind will get the "Answer" she wanted.
AR-15: Detecting a large amount of Ferri Anroid signal, This... She is serious!
M4A1: Still in the process of copying, we can only hold out until completion.
M4A1: Everyone, get into defensive positions!