Story/Normal 0-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 0-1-4

M4A1: Command post captured, begin infiltrating data base.
AR-15: ...Did you guys ever thought about what this operation will accomplish?
M16A1: Care to share what you are thinking AR15?
AR-15: Originally Persica requested that we Recover Experiment Data.
AR-15: But we end up all the way in Ferri territory just to find a bunch of data left over by the dead.
M4A1: We are T-dolls, all we have to do is complete the mission.
AR-15: Just slightly curious.
SOPMOD II: Hey, I'm done with the data base, come check it out!
M16A1: ...Oh?
M16A1: Tagged as No.3 Safe House, there is a Data Mainframe used by "LYCO" when he was alive.
M4A1: Ok, objective confirmed, let us continue.