Story/Normal 0-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 0-1-1

A month ago, in a territory of dispute in Area S09...
M4A1: Current time is 0559, the sky is clear.
M16A1: Let's get cracking, M4.

Scene 0-1-2

M4A1: Persica, this is the AR Team.
M4A1: We have already reached coordinates V6J69-HJYRV, Rendezvous Point A in Sangvis territory. There is no wind, and the view is clear.
M4A1: Repeating mission objective——Search for all histories and research data signed with the name ‘Lyco' and bring them back to 16LAB.

Scene 0-1-3

M4 SOPMOD II: Then...where should we start?
ST AR-15: We'll take over a command post first and hack into the Sangvis database for the information.
M4A1: Our target is the command post over there. AR Team, operation commence.