Story/Night 9-4 (Part1)/Script

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[The sound of gunfire faded into the distance.]

M14: Everyone, over here!
Put Leader down, M14 has a quick repair kit that we can use!

T65: IS… is it safe...
But… but...

T77: senpai, don’t shiver like that.
We just saved our lives, it’s no big deal.

T65: M16-senpai’s really alright!
T77, M16-senpai really did come back from behind that white fog!

Actually M3: M16-san seemed better off than we expected…
This is wonderful...

T65: T77, can you believe it — it really came true!

T77: senpai, don’t hug me so hard, it hurts.
Garand-senpai. Can I ask you a question?

Garand: Go ahead.

T77: The M16-senpai we saw...
Was she the real thing… or was someone else pretending to be her?

T65: What are you saying, T77, wasn’t Thompson-senpai covering us as we left?

Garand: Nobody was pretending to be that M16-san.
I was with you all this time, so I had no chance to apply makeup for anyone.
And the real Thompson-san who was supposed to play the role… well, you saw her.

T77: … I see.

M1928A1: Whew… I feel much better now.
Is everyone here?
Did we lose anyone along the way?

M14: Yeah, we’re all here.
We can call for the chopper any time...

Actually M3: Wait a minute, not all of us are here!
M16-san hasn’t caught up with us!

M1928A1: I know.
M14, send Bossu a signal.

M14: ...M14 is on it.

T65: ...Huh?
Are we… going to leave M16-senpai here all by herself?
Why, THompson-senpai!? Why are we abandoning a friend!

M1928A1: She must have some reason of her own for showing up here. All we can do is look to ourselves.
There’s no need to worry about her. She’s the strongest of the Griffin veterans.

T65: But Thompson-san, you said that “Judge” was really strong…
If something happens while M16-senpai is fighting her—

Garand: If M16 could overcome all the difficulties before her until now, then this time won’t be a problem either, T65-san.
Let's go back. T91-san is still waiting to hear the good news.

T65: She’s been waiting long enough...
If we go back like this… it’ll just be adding to her hopes…
And all I can do… is continue waiting with her.

Garand: We barely managed to retreat in one piece… if you go back now, you’re only going to put yourself in unnecessary danger.
If you get destroyed… you won’t even remember that you saw M16-san.

T65: I…
I don’t want to sit idly in a corner of the base, waiting for good news to drop into my lap.
If I have to experience that loss again, then I’d rather not have met her again at all!
Either I take all of M16-san back with me tonight, or else I forget everything!

Garand: ...

Garand: M3-san, please say something to T65-san.
If this goes on...

Actually M3: No, I want to kill that fucking womanlet.
I want to go back and do it right now.

Garand: Huh?

Actually M3: She’s just a mere SF doll but she pisses me off.
Did she get cocky just because I was being polite and giving in to her?
And what’s that she said, “Grease gun”?

Garand: M3-san… what’s the matter with you?
You’ve got a scary look on your face… no… M4 has a really scary look on her face...

T77: There are people who flip out when others mention their height. Maybe that’s why..

Garand: ...

T77: ...

Garand: ...
I understand...

T77: This is a rarity, managing to convey my meaning without having to use words.
You didn’t misread me, did you?

Garand: No, I understand what you mean...

[Thompson exchanged looks with Garand.]

M1928A1: You guys… maybe you’re too young, so you don’t compromise easily...
You don’t need to keep pretending, Garand. You’re the same way too, aren’t you?

Garand: ...
...How much time will double the reflection reports buy us?

M1928A1: How much time?
There’s a standard rate, right? We’ll go with that.

M14: Leader...?

M1928A1: M14, change that message.
Tell Bossu that we’ll be a little late heading back.