Story/Night 9-3 (Part2)/Script

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T77: No, wait, this is the wrong way.

Actually M3: Why are we cut off…!?

T65: T77, where the heck did you lead us!? It’s all your fault!

Garand: We… can’t run any further...

Judge: Now that the situation is clear, there’s no need to waste words.
M4A1, come out from behind that cover. At the very least, I can guarantee that you will be taken intact.

Actually M3: I, I’m really not M4-san!

Judge: To think the leader of the AR Team would choose to try and save herself with such an explanation. You have no honor to speak off.

Actually M3: She’s not listening at all—

T65: Look at the bright side, M3-senpai.
At least you’ll get a tour of an SF base...

Judge: But I have to say, you have really disappointed me, M4A1.
Not only do you lack the aura of a leader, you even chose to disguise your signal as that of Griffin’s “Grease Gun” . Was there no better choice?

Actually M3: …
Grease gun?

Judge: This is my ultimatum.
The Mastermind only ordered me to recover your digimind. You can choose not to make it so hard on yourself.

T65: *closes eyes* We’re really screwed now.

Actually M3: Grease gun?

Judge: If you are unwilling to listen, then—

???: There’s no need for that!

Judge: What?

[A figure appeared at a high place not far from the group.]

M16A1: This ends here… SF scum.
What the hell are you trying to do to my sister?

Judge: You… how could you be here...
Impossible, did Dreamer not bring you back to the Master’s side?

M16A1: Dreamer? Really now?
Did you think Dreamer was really that dependable? You’d better correct that impression of her.

Judge: No, that Dreamer… what the hell is she playing at?

M16A1: I’m not counting on your childish digimind to understand.
You can go think on the rest while you’re lying in a pool of your own blood.

T65: ...M16… senpai

T65: M16-senpai!?

Actually M3: Am I… dreaming?

Garand: M16...
No, T65-san, hurry, the camera!

T65: Ahhhhh!!!

T65: Hurryhurryhurry...


T65: Come on come on come on…
Ahhhhh why’d you pick this time not to work, you shitty camera!
Isn’t the part compatibility rate 100%!?

M3: Look out, T65-san!


T65: That was nearly hit me...
Where’s the record button!
How do I work this antique, anyway!?

T77: senpai, the indicator light is already on.
It’s been filming for a while now, you just didn’t take the lens cap off.

T65: Ehh? Ah!

T77: ...Is this… is this for real!?
Is that… the real M16-senpai?


[A burst of furious fire rained down on Judge.]

M1928A1: Don’t stop!
Keep moving to the evac point!

Garand: Thompson-san!
M16… M16, she...

M1928A1: I’m not blind.
What the hell are you lot standing around for?
Do you think chances to escape from SF guns grow on trees!>

Judge: Don’t waste your effort.


M1928A1: Urgh… this is bad...
My leg...

M14: Leader—

Garand: M3-san, we need a hand here! Hurry!

M4: Coming!


Judge: Begone. Carrying out the Master’s orders has the highest priority.
Even if the Master did not give me orders on how to deal with you, I will destroy you if you interfere with this objective.

M16A1: Are those your last words?

[M16 threw an object at Judge.]


Judge: A… a flashbang...?