Story/Night 9-3 (Part1)/Script

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T65: Come on come on come on…
Ahhhhh why’d you pick this time not to work, you shitty camera!
Isn’t the part compatibility rate 100%!?

M3: Look out, T65-san!


T65: That was nearly hit me...
Where’s the record button!
How do I work this antique, anyway!?

T77: senpai, the indicator light is already on.
It’s been filming for a while now, you just didn’t take the lens cap off.

T65: Ehh? Ah!


T65: Hah… hah… hah…

T65: T91… T91!
I said I wasn’t lying! Who told you not to believe me!

M1928A1: Don’t stop!
Keep moving to the evac point!


M1928A1: Urgh… this is bad...
My leg...

M14: Leader—

Garand: M3-san, we need a hand here! Hurry!

M4: Coming!

T65: Hah… hahaha...


???: Begone. Carrying out the Master’s orders has the highest priority.
Even if the Master did not give me orders on how to deal with you, I will destroy you if you interfere with this objective.


M16A1: Are those your last words, SF scum?


[40 minutes ago.]
[There was a tremendous explosion nearby.]

T77: ...
That explosion...

Actually M3: Don’t tell me...

T65: It came from the safehouse we were just at?

Garand: Er...

M14: How come you ran back?
Fortunately everyone spotted them soon… but the safehouse has been exposed now...

T65: We found the parts, but on the way back, enemies popped out everywhere!
We didn’t have the time to think too much back then...

Garand: We were just a step away from finishing the video...
Why did the SF units pick this time to find us...

M1928A1: … These enemies probably aren’t something as easy to deal with as patrol teams.
Even if they hadn’t run back, the safehouse wouldn’t have protected us for long.

Garand: Huh?

M1928A1: Given the scale of this attack, that womanlet’s finally pursued us here.

M14: She hasn’t given up, huh…
M14 thinks she’s really annoying...

T65: Womanlet… you mean that sad little Destroyer?

M1928A1: While she’s a midget too, the one we met tonight is a high-grade doll that I’ve never seen before.

T65: ...How come all of SF’s high-end dolls are little girls?

T77: I’m guessing their Mastermind must be some kind of womanlet too, so she can’t let the people around her be too tall.

T65: That kind of makes sense...

M1928A1: Jokes aside, this new shrimp has more powerful weapons than most other SF, and her personality’s much more mature.
We can’t hold out against her with just the few of us.

Actually M3: Thompson-san… was that why you were hiding in the safehouse?

M14: We weren’t hiding!
We were monitoring friendly signals in this sector!

M1928A1: It’s alright, M14.
We got AK47 and the others out of their tight spot, so it’s only to be expected that the SF leader in the area would turn their attention to us.

Garand: So… what should we do now?

M1928A1: Garand, you should know that you can’t complete your objective tonight.
RIght now, all we can do is focus on escaping that womanlet.

Garand: ...

Actually M3: In the end… all we can do is give up, huh...

T77: Hahhh...

T65: How can you all say that!
Garand-nee, you must have some kind of backup plan for this, right!?

Garand: ...I don’t.
Thompson-san is right, there’s no way we can continue making the video given the circumstances.
All we can do now is protect ourselves.

T65: But how...

M1928A1: That high-end SF doll is coming for me and M14, so we split up and broke through separately.
After that, we would regroup at the safehouse at a prearranged location and then evacuate.

T65: But Thompson-senpai, wouldn’t that mean—

M1928A1: Tangling with that SF doll was because of our prior actions.
That was the best way to protect you.


???: Your plan was reasoned and would have brought the most benefit to the most people.
Unfortunately, I have been tasked with exterminating you.
I, Judge, shall execute the sentence for your crimes.

M1928A1: What!?


T77: Are you alright, senpai!

M1928A1: We’ll help you buy some time, so hurry up and go!

M14: Over here!
Taking aim… fire!

[The SF doll seemed unmoved by M1928A1 and M14’s attacks.]

Judge: ...
I thought this was just an ordinary search and destroy mission. I did not expect that I would have to carry out the Mastermind’s orders in earnest.

[The SF doll ignored Thompson and M14, instead charging towards the others.]

M14: Wait a minute — we’re the ones who shot at you!

T77: She’s coming!

T65: Uwaaahhhh! This isn’t like what you said, Thompson-senpai!—!
She’s only focusing on us!

Garand: Why!?
Isn’t Thompson-san a more threatening target!?

Judge: Even if you mask your signal as something other than an AR Team member, you cannot evade my eyes!

Actually M3: Aiiiieee — ???
No no no no! You’ve gotten it wrong!

T65: What the hell!?
Why did things end up like this!!

T77: It’s not like we can explain the misunderstanding to her.
Keep running!
There’s an SF command repeater station up ahead, use it to keep the SF in our way from interfering with us!