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[The battle is over.]


M14: The Griffin signals we just discovered are up ahead, but there’s a lot of them…
Don’t tell me… they’re helpers?

M1928A1: I didn’t ask Bossu for anything like that.
Stay put, I’ll go over to check it out—

T65: Auauauuuuuu—
Thompson-senpai — we finally found you!
M1928A1: Ah? T65...?
You guys… what are you doing here?

Garand: Thompson-nee… it’s like this...

M1928A1: It’s not safe here. We’ll talk as we fall back to a safehouse.


M14: You’re filming… a fake M16-san?
M14 is kind of confused… we haven’t finished the rescue, have we?

M1928A1: No, I get it.
At the very least, I understand what AK47 was babbling about right until she was loaded onto the chopper.
An emergency backup plan, huh… it does sound like something Garand would come up with.

Garand: We had a lot of, uh… surprises tonight...

T77: Yeah, even making it here was a surprise in itself.

M1928A1: But I didn’t expect that you’d choose to pass straight through such a dangerous area.
Is this really that important to you?

T65: ...
Yes, this is something we have to do, no matter what.
But why are you still here, Thompson-senpai… didn’t AK47-senpai and the others evacuate already?

M1928A1: Everyone has things they need to do no matter what. It’s just that simple.

M14: Garand-nee… we really can’t help you…
For the entire night at the very least, Leader will have to—

M1928A1: I can finish it by tonight, and I can dress myself up to look like M16.
What exactly do you need me to do?

M14: Huh? But—

M1928A1: If we were in the base right now, I might have refused their request.
But since they’re willing to take such a huge risk and not give up, then we’ve got no reason not to help out. It’s just the way things are done.

M14: But Leader, what happens if you’re distracted with something else and a signal which matches the identifying characteristics shows up outside?

M1928A1: We’ll do what we have to do.
But frankly speaking, we’re waiting right now, so there’s no clash.
Garand, will your filming make a lot of noise?

Garand: No, we just need to record a short and simple dialogue...

M1928A1: Deal. Let’s start right away.
But we’ll stop the moment anything funny happens outside, capiche?

Garand: Al-alright, no problem!

T65: Uuuuuu Thompson-senpaiiiii—

M3: Ssssh! Quiet down, T65-san!

T77: I”m really surprised…
It’s impressive how this plan managed to hang together as long as it did...

M1928A1: Hmm… I’ve seen M9 pull a lot of fancy stunts in this department...
But this close up, the art of makeup really is mysterious.

Actually M3: Yeah… it’s like magic...
Even I can look exactly like M4-san...

M14: That’s amazing — !
Can’t you just keep changing faces with this?

T77: As if a doll would need to go to so much trouble to change their face...

T65: You’re up next, Thompson-senpai!
Hurry up, Garand-senpai!

Garand: I’m cleaning the tools and materials we need, I’ll be done soon...

M1928A1: No need to rush, I won’t run out on you.

Haahhh… to think that the next time I’d see M16 would be in the mirror.

M14: …

Garand: Let’s see, I think we’ve got almost everything together.
T65-san, do you still have that box I asked you to bring along before we set out?

T65: Box?
Oh, that one, of course it’s...

Actually M3: T65-san, why aren’t you moving any more?

T77: Oh no...

T65: THat’s strange, where’s that box gone to...
Wait a minute, I clearly put it into this pocket!

Actually M3: Don’t tell me you dropped it during the battle just now...

T65: I didn’t drop it!
I’ll find it, I just don’t know which pocket it’s in… where is it… where is it...

M1928A1: What’s in that box?

Garand: A small part.
However, it’s used to assemble M16-san’s gun and her weapon case.
Did you lose it...

T65: I didn’t lose it!
I’ll definitely find it! Maybe I dropped it when we entered...

T77: Doesn’t that mean you lost it?

T65: You talk too much, T77, shut up!

Garand: Calm down, T65-san.
It’s… it’s no big deal if you lost the box.
There’s no need to panic.

T65: Uwahhh—
Garand-nee… please tell me you have a backup plan...

Garand: ...
Of course I do, so there’s no need to worry.

M1928A1: So what should we do now?

Garand: I… let me think...

T65: It’s all my fault… I didn’t properly secure that box...

T77: Well, things being what they are now, you might as well pick a spot and dig a hole, senpai. Who knows, you might have buried something essential there in the past.

T65: Do you think you’re talking about the nearby hills!?
Who would bury excess parts in a place like this?

T77: It can’t be helped, then. You’ll just have to find some styrofoam and make something up with some wooden boards.
It hurts a little to lose T91, but it should be enough to mock something up.

T65: How can we make a mockup when we don’t even have any black paint!?

T65: Uwaaahhhh, I can’t find it… I really can’t find it...
What should we do… it’s not like we can go over and loot some SF parts, right...

Garand: ...
Yes, that’s it!

T77: ...Seriously?

Garand: Those parts are interchangeable. Even SF Manufacturing uses them.
With all those SF remains outside, I’m sure we’ll be able to find something we can use.

M1928A1: ...
Which means, you’ll have to go outside?

Garand: It won’t take long, we’re just looking for a few small things.

T65: No, I’ll go!
Garand-nee, you stay here and handle the rest of the things needed for the filming.

Garand: But the part specs...

T65: Just tell me!
I lost it, so let me find it! I can’t cause you extra trouble, Garand-nee!

Garand: It’s not a matter of giving trouble—

M1928A1: Should you be arguing at a time like this?
Garand, is there anything else you need to do besides find that part?

Garand: No… I need to prepare quite a number of programs...

M1928A1: So what are you fighting for? Tell T65 the specs you need.
T77, M3, you two go with her in case something unexpected crops up. Be quick about it.

Actually M3: ...Huh?
Ah! Yes!

T77: … Let’s go, senpai.

T65: We’re just stripping some parts, it won’t be any trouble!
We’ll be right back!


M1928A1: Garand, I have something to tell you.