Story/Night 8-4 (Part1)/Script

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I think you’ve forgotten that most SF comms equipment is infected with the Parapluie virus, and once infected...

IWS 2000:Then you’ll be the leader of this team.
If I’m the only one who has to be hurt, then it’s a small price to pay.

AUG:That’s only temporary. Are you planning to take this chance to show how replaceable you are?

IWS 2000:…

Glock and SSG are in great danger. If you don’t want to see me rewritten...

AUG:I wish to express the strongest objection possible to your most recent statement.
No matter how bad things are over there, they aren’t as bad as they are on your end.

IWS 2000:The poison was on my remains… because I made direct contact with the cargo, right?

We could never have discovered all this if not for the information I brought back that you obtained.

IWS 2000:Why didn’t you tell me this earlier, about Dreamer and what I did?
All you were willing to tell me before this was that… “I failed”, and I thought...

AUG:Anything I said would only have saddened you even more, so I thought it was better to be vague.

IWS 2000:Then why did you have SSG go and find our remains?

AUG:Because I promised you.

IWS 2000:A promise?

AUG:There was something which had to be recovered.

Glock 17: Calling Leader, we’re ready over here.

IWS 2000:…
Understood. I’ll leave the other side to you.
Let’s head out, AUG. Have you prepared the warning you’re going to send to the Commander?

AUG:Using that message is when I despised you the most.
...What a shame.
IWS 2000:What’s the matter?

AUG:The sky. It’s starting to rain.


Dreamer: Oh? Their target is one of our comms stations?
Interesting. Still, it doesn’t matter...
Now, who will be the first to be destroyed in the time that’s left... You, or the Griffin Commander?