Story/Night 8-3 (Part2)/Script

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[The battle ends.]

IWS 2000:Is everyone alright?

Glock 17: Whew… whew… I’m safe...

SSG 69:That damn baldy! Now I’m not just covered in poison, but mud too!

IWS 2000:...AUG, what did Dreamer mean when she said I was the first to flee?

AUG:Why are you so bothered by what Dreamer said? Have you forgotten what the most pressing thing is?

IWS 2000:…
You said we were still in time, but now that communications have been cut, what can we do now?

AUG:We restart the cannon we shut down, and lock onto the Griffin helicopter.

IWS 2000:What do you plan to do, AUG?

AUG:We can’t warn Team Welrod, now that they’re airborne.
We have to keep the Commander from coming into contact with the poison. Physical isolation is the only way.

SSG 69:You've got to be be kidding!

Glock 17: AUG-san isn’t kidding. I can tell from the look on her face…
And this is the most effective method we can use...

AUG:I trust you are fully aware of the severity of the situation. Please give the order, Leader.

IWS 2000:But wiping out another team for this… I cannot give that order…!

AUG:Are you worried about their short-term memory loss, or something worse?

IWS 2000:That’s enough!

Welrod and the others entrusted their safety to us. They need to bring some physical evidence back!
There has to be another way!

AUG:The situation being what it is, we have no other choice.
If Welrod were here, she would definitely choose to do it.

IWS 2000:I’m not Welrod, I don’t know what she would do...

AUG:Now you understand why the missions you carry out always end in failure.

Glock 17: So all we need to do is warn them, right?
Can’t we lift the signal jamming of the Parapluie virus?

AUG:We don’t have the time to find which SF comms station is broadcasting the virus.

SSG 69:There ought to be some other way to warn the Commander, how about a signal flare?

AUG:The tragedy will have occurred by the time the drones pick it up.

IWS 2000:The comms station...
A way to… wake up...

AUG:Start the cannon up again before the helicopter leaves the limits of its firing range.
Haven’t you always wanted to gain others’ trust?
IWS, the others will understand your decision.

IWS 2000:No… that’s it!


IWS 2000:There’s another way.
AUG, I will not fire on my friends, no matter what. That’s my answer.