Story/Night 8-3 (Part1)/Script

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SSG 69:The remains… are here...

IWS 2000:...Were they… attracted by the rations on the bodies?
But why… did they end up like this?

[Many animal corpses are scattered around the remains. It would seem they have been dead for a long time.]

Glock 17: Leader, were there any operational records in the past which mentioned this?

IWS 2000:I’ve studied everyone’s combat records, but nobody saw anything like this...

AUG:Don’t scare yourself. SF isn’t any tougher than what the manufacturers for the army can produce.
Glock, did you find anything?

Glock 17: While I don’t have any specialized equipment for this… these corpses don’t have any external injuries.
If we put together the other things we know, we can conclude that they were killed by gas.

IWS 2000:That must be a mistake, our detectors didn’t warn of gas at all.

AUG:...The detectors draw on databases to flag substances that are harmful to human beings.
If they’re facing a new composition of gas, it’s definitely possible that they might not be effective.

IWS 2000:But it makes no sense to use gas on dolls here.

AUG:Which is why the answer is obvious.

Glock, can you detect other substances on the remains?

IWS 2000:But why… would SF use gas…?

Glock 17: I’m checking, there doesn’t seem to be anything ab...

No, hold on a bit...

[Glock 17 kneels in front of IWS2000’s remains]

IWS 2000:Mine?

AUG:As I thought.

Glock 17: While it’s hard to notice because some time has passed, there’s definitely something splashed on it...
I’ve added it and other similar substances into everyone’s recognition systems.

SSG 69:I see it now, it’s present on Leader’s remains… and the bodies of the animals too...
Hang on… eh… hold… hold it!

IWS 2000:What… is this…?


IWS 2000:Why are our present bodies… all coated in this stuff?

SSG 69:Urgh… my beautiful self is completely covered in it… it’s even inside my clothes!
Why is this stuff on us!?

AUG:Colorless, odorless, and dolls won’t notice it even if it gets on them...
The air in that SF base just now was kind of strange...

IWS 2000:NBC weapons...
That dirty bomb was only a decoy! It dew our attention away!
SF used us, and now we and Team Welrod are covered in poison!

AUG:This is a trap, SF’s real objective is-

IWS 2000:Welrod-san, do you hear me?
Wait… why can’t I...

???: Don’t you think silencing the people trying to ruin the proceedings is a natural course of action?


Dreamer: We meet again so soon, IWS 2000.
Are you planning to try everything you can to be the first to flee once again?

IWS 2000:Dreamer…?!
What… are you saying? What do you mean by fleeing?

Dreamer: Oh, I forgot how easily Griffin dolls forget being killed by me.
Heh… no matter, I will gladly narrate your terror from back then to you, over and over again.

AUG:IWS, where’s Welrod?

IWS 2000:I... I can’t contact her… all comms have been jammed!

AUG:The Parapluie virus...
Dreamer: Ah… AUG, you came back with her. That was not a wise choice.

Well, we were preparing for your funeral, so coming back to send you an invitation is only expected courtesy.

Dreamer: My, but you talk big. You should know that allowing you to return alive last time was nothing more than a momentary indulgence.
A doll like you suffers under such a team leader. You should have replaced her long ago.

IWS 2000:What nonsense are you talking, Dreamer!?

AUG:How long are you going to let her distract you, IWS?

SSG 69:Were you the one who covered my carefully prepared clothes in this disgusting stuff, you big baldy!?

Dreamer: Why scorn it?
Given your previous performance, most people would never have noticed it anyway.
So relax and return to your base, and have a nice intimate encounter with the Commander.

SSG 69:What a disgusting plan. Don’t you intend to settle this properly on the stage?

Dreamer: I’m sick of face-to-face confrontations. There’s no joy to be had if it’s just you.
Since I just happened to find some samples of neurotoxin, of course I’m going to play with it.
Besides, before it was sealed away, this stuff was a weapon developed by those reliable allies of yours.

IWS 2000:The military…
So that was why the military reacted so slowly..

Dreamer: If the Griffin Commander and you dolls had been willing to keep your distance, these petty tricks wouldn’t have been a threat at all.
But you were the ones who fulfilled all the conditions necessary for this to happen. I should be thanking you for this.

IWS 2000:You SF ended up as it did today because you don’t understand that.

Dreamer: Really now. Then let’s prove who’s right.
Still, I guess you few probably won’t be able to experience it.

[Transmission ends.]

Glock 17: Leader, this is a little sudden, but an SF force is coming!

IWS 2000:That’s not our top priority now. I need to contact Welrod-san…!

AUG:Quit dreaming, IWS! You’re the only one who can stop all this.
There’s still time, but only if Dreamer doesn’t kill us all. Can you see that?

IWS 2000:...Dammit!
IWS 2000:The terrain here’s not good for a counterattack. We need to regroup at new coordinates.
I know everyone is still uneasy and shocked by all this, but we can’t fall here. Move out!