Story/Night 8-2 (Part2)/Script

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[The battle ends, and the cannons have been shut down.]
[The recovery chopper has successfully landed.]

IWS 2000:Welrod-san, we’ve taken out the connection to the SF cannons.

Welrod: The villains at the main gate have just been exterminated. We are presently loading our precious cargo onto the helicopter.
Where are you?

IWS 2000:There might be other dangers here. We’ll cover you as you leave.

Welrod: Understood. After all, it was the roaring flames of your vengeance that led us to victory.

[Transmission ends.]

IWS 2000:We did it… We actually did it!
And Welrod-san even praised our team’s performance!

Glock 17: Hehe, that ought to redeem us! The people on the message board can take a break now.

IWS 2000:The anonymous message board?

Glock 17: Uuu… oh crap...

IWS 2000:The message board mentioned us…?
I tried looking, but I didn’t find anything...

Glock 17: Be-besides, it’s not important any more! They ought to go refresh their neural clouds!

AUG: ...
On the day Caesar was assassinated he told a seer, “The 15th of March has come, Spurinna.”

IWS 2000:”Aye, the 15th of March has come, but not yet gone…”
Still, that dialogue is commonly found in unofficial history. It might even be made up.

AUG:I simply wanted to remind you that the mission isn’t over yet.

IWS 2000:I know… once Welrod confirms the recovery of the cargo, it’ll be my turn to bring everyone home...
I won’t let what happened last time happen to everyone again!
AUG:It’s impressive how you can feel so shackled by your past failure when you clearly don’t remember anything.

IWS 2000:It bothers me precisely because I don’t remember it.

AUG:You’re going to be kicking yourself for a good long time if something unavoidable happens.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You’re not an emperor and you’re certainly not God.

IWS 2000:But I am your team leader, and all this is an obligation I must fulfil.

AUG:Even if something feels light on your shoulders, I’ll only get heavier as time passes.

Glock 17: Uh, guys… SSG seems to be missing...
I haven’t seen her since we took down the cannons, did she go on recon?

AUG:She had to do something, so she had to walk around the vicinity.

IWS 2000:Why didn’t I know about this?
AUG, did you send her off to do something?

AUG:I won’t deny that.

IWS 2000:Why did you send SSG off on her own and keep it from me!?
You know this place is dangerous!

AUG:You said you trusted me. Now’s the time to prove it.
We all know SSG’s endurance, and she understands that her aim is more important than the current mission.

IWS 2000:This is unacceptable! What’ll we do if something happens to her!?
Calling SSG, where are you, please answer!

AUG:I don’t understand. What is it that you’re seeking?

IWS 2000:I won’t let everyone be defeated the moment before the mission is accomplished. Never again!

AUG:Blind obsession will only make you fail again.

IWS 2000:I’m not like you, AUG. It’s precisely because I can’t let this go that-

Glock 17: Guys… please don’t...


SSG 69:L-leader…? IWS-san…?

IWS 2000:SSG, where are you? Are you in danger?

SSG 69:I’m very safe...
I’ve already found the remains we left behind last time...

IWS 2000:Remains? Why were you looking for those?

SSG 69:This place… looks very bad… you guys should come over quick.

Glock 17: Found it! There’s a cannon dead ahead!

IWS 2000:We have to bring it down… no matter the cost.

AUG:Will you run us into the maw of that cannon because of your singlemindedness, IWS?
Pay attention to the cannon’s position.

IWS 2000:The cannon needs support from its surrounding facilities to operate normally...
Everyone, pay attention. Our objective has changed to dealing with the facilities around the cannon emplacement.

[NOTE: This map contains a Jupiter Cannon. Taking the points around it will greatly weaken its fighting strength.]