Story/Night 8-2 (Part1)/Script

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Welrod: What a game fate plays with us...
There really was a nuclear weapon here, but it was nothing but a dirty bomb.

IWS 2000:Is there really only this one?
Don’t tell me there’s more hidden elsewhere...

Welrod: This was the only thing which the NBC detector reacted to, so it’s pretty much confirmed.

IWS 2000:Looks like the Commander’s guess was right...
Good thing we found it here.

SSG 69:Still… this looks a lot shabbier than I imagined.
Since they made one, shouldn’t SF have spent more time and effort to decorate it a little?

Welrod: It would seem merely piecing it together took quite a lot of time already.
Producing a dirty bomb with one’s own hands is no mean feat. Yet it was wasted effort before us.

IWS 2000:Can we destroy the bomb on the spot?
Welrod: It would be more valuable to bring it home. At the very least, we will need to recover the radioactive materials as evidence.

IWS 2000:So once we bring it back… we’ll have successfully defused the crisis.
Glock 17: ...
In that case, we can get out of here as soon as possible, right…?

AUG:Does this place remind you of the Griffin dorms?

Glock 17: Since when were the dorms this scary… it’s more like this place feels really creepy...
Look, we haven’t seen a living rat or bug ever since we came in here until now...

AUG:After the war, anything that didn’t know how to stay away from radiation ended up as corpses.

Glock 17: I don’t know… but my instincts tell me that something’s not quite right...


Bren: Leader, we’ve spotted new enemy activity from high ground.

Welrod: Will the enemy attack come before the evacuation chopper?

Bren: Definitely.
Worse, we can see hidden cannon emplacements blocking the chopper’s path.

Welrod: It seems our foe this time is quite determined.

AUG:Being just a step away from being able to complete our objective like this… it feels quite familiar.

IWS 2000:...Could we not mention the past at a time like this?

AUG:Still, it’s not quite the same. Last time, you just opened the cabin door, which is a far cry from shouting for everyone to retreat.

Welrod: So you were all buried by such a dire situation in the past once… then we should endeavour not to make your mistake again.

IWS 2000:Whose side are you on, AUG...

AUG:On yours, of course.
I’m willing to bring you everything you expect.

IWS 2000:Are you sure you’re not giving me a hard time...
You should know very well what I want, right?

AUG:Yes. Therefore, so what should be done now is also very obvious. Please give your orders.

Welrod: ...I have indicated the rough location of the cannon emplacements which have sealed off this airspace.
We can prevent our valuable cargo from being taken, but our efforts will be for naught if we cannot bring it home.
I know this is very difficult, but the success or failure of this mission now hinges on you.
Cleave to your faith, and silence those cannons!

IWS 2000:Leave it to us. We’ll make sure everyone gets home safely.