Story/Night 8-1 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation ends. Griffin is fighting its way into the SF base.]

IWS 2000:The way is clear. Team Welrod, we’ll remain on site to cover your approach.

Welrod: Your will to succeed will travel with us. I entrust the duty of watching over the darkness to you.

IWS 2000:Whew… I hope everything goes well.

Glock 17: Leader, this is the first time you’ve looked relaxed tonight.

IWS 2000:Eh? What kind of face was I making just now?

AUG:Simple resentment towards something.

IWS 2000:I never noticed...
Urgh… I hope Welrod-san and the others didn’t notice either...

AUG:Are you unhappy because the Commander gave special permission for Team Welrod to take part in this operation?

IWS 2000:The only thing that makes me unhappy… is my own lack of experience.

AUG:I’m glad you’re aware of that.
After considering the conditions of the recent missions, that is definitely a factor which needs to be taken into consideration.

IWS 2000:Team Welrod’s here too… maybe I don’t need to be so worried any more.
I’m really afraid that I made some mistake the last time and got everyone wrecked at the end.

You ought to be afraid of that. Trying too hard to do everything right will hinder you instead.

Glock 17: Everyone looked so relaxed on the chopper. You were the only one who was tense, leader.

SSG 69:Hehe, that just means we can become the center of attention if we just work a little harder.

IWS 2000:This isn’t a question of being the center of attention, but rather that we mustn’t fail this time...

Glock 17: Still, this sounds pretty weird. Why would they let a PMC handle something related to an NBC weapon?
What about the military?

IWS 2000:The military feels that the evidence is insufficient.
After all, the conclusion that SF possesses weapons like that is simply one that we reached after piecing evidence together.

Glock 17: Why don’t we show them the photos we took inside the vehicle as evidence?

IWS 2000:The military might need to spend even more time on meetings...
But whatever it is, we can’t just sit by and let something dangerous happen.

Glock 17: Hahh… why are all these governmental organizations so by-the-book...

AUG:Well, this world is messed up enough as it is.

SSG 69:Hehe… well, forget it, situations involving NBC weapons are a great way for dolls to show what they can really do!
Even when bathed in radiation or exposed to viruses or a sea of poison gas… I can still pull off a perfect performance.

Glock 17: You really want to kill your audience, don’t you...

AUG:SSG, a word, please.

SSG 69:Eh? Waitwait, I was just kidding… I won’t really splash myself with poison before going on stage...

IWS 2000:Where are you two going?

AUG:You gave me special privileges. I’m making use of them.
AUG:SSG, this base isn’t far from your remains, where you were taken down last time.

SSG 69:Eh? So we followed the convoy all the way here...
No, wait, how can you call a distance like this “not far”?

AUG:That’s not important. I have something that I need you to do.


Welrod: IWS-san… we’ve found it.
We’ve confirmed that it’s emitting radiation. Given its structure, it looks like a dirty bomb.