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???: It is inevitable… IWS 2000.
Didn’t you say you were prepared for this?

[...zzz… zzz…]

IWS 2000:What are you now?
AUG, answer me…!
AUG: “The rain falls mainly on the plain…”
It’s raining tonight as well…
When the rain splashes on my face, it feels just like I’m crying.

IWS 2000:It’ll be alright… AUG, it’ll be alright very soon...


AUG:Reacquiring IFF signal...
...Are you… my enemy?

IWS 2000:It shouldn’t have happened this way...
AUG, I promised to your face that I wouldn’t...

AUG:...I don’t believe you.

IWS 2000:Please...

AUG:It seems we have no other choice. This is your first mistake.

IWS 2000:It won’t be…
...Our last-


[System Voice: Neural cloud download complete. Repair program terminated. Be well.]

IWS 2000:...
...Was that… a dream…?

AUG:Are you awake?
Looks like someone’s having trouble getting out of bed.

IWS 2000:AUG… were you waiting here for me all this time? How about the others?

AUG:Glock and SSG aren’t the sort to laze around in the repair tank. They’re both outside.

IWS 2000:The repair tank… were we all destroyed? Did we fail our mission?

AUG:I don’t like to use the word “flee”, but that was definitely the last order you gave us.

IWS 2000:Then… did we managed to stop those SF trash?

AUG:We recovered a lot of information.

IWS 2000:Which means we failed...

AUG:Why are you so down? Your team wasn’t wiped out, and your worst fear didn’t come to pass.

IWS 2000:But… I can’t find it in myself to be happy about this...

AUG:If you can’t come to terms with it you can continue lying down.

Humans always tell each other, “Sleep, you can find anything in your dreams.”

IWS 2000:Dreams...

IWS 2000:AUG… I just… I really had a dream.

AUG:I should note: dolls do not dream.

The correct term is “processor testing during neural cloud reorganization”.

IWS 2000:I know that’s not a real dream, don’t be so quick to correct me!

AUG:Mhm? And what did you dream about?
A field of blooming flowers? Or World War IV?

IWS 2000:It wasn’t anything grand...
I was dreaming of… one of the possibilities during our most recent mission...

AUG:Was your neural cloud taking it upon itself to explore what could be worse than being powerless to stop SF from killing millions of people?

IWS 2000:Has anything like that ever happened to you before?

AUG:I don’t need to do that.
And sentences that start with “What if” are not only very annoying, but they don’t help the situation at all.

IWS 2000:*sighs* Before we set out last time, I promised the Commander that I wouldn’t come back empty-handed...
I can’t just give up on it as easily as you can...

AUG:I won’t say anything if you can be satisfied by winning in your dreams.

IWS 2000:It sure sounds nice, a place where you can get anything you want without having to work for it...
But it’s terribly unrealistic.

AUG:All you need to do is wake up.
If you’re back in reality, then it’s time to hear some cruel news. Leader.

IWS 2000:Uuu… I don’t want to hear it...
We never failed a mission as badly as we did earlier, I honestly have no idea what the others will say about us...
Especially… on the anonymous message board...

AUG:What were you hoping for?

IWS 2000:Everyone else collected so much information on this threat, but we’re the only ones who didn’t find where it was...

AUG: Were you hoping to actually find a weapon of mass destruction, or that you’d never find it?

IWS 2000:Of course… I’d want to stop SF from using these things and endangering others.
Whether it’s against the people we protect… or ourselves.

AUG:Sounds like an argument which a leader of a team that was nearly wiped out would make.
Fix your own problems before talking big.
Also, I’m obliged to inform you that the details of the next mission have already been announced.

IWS 2000:Ehhh…? Hang on, I just woke up in the repair tank...

AUG:Incidentally, the Commander finished his emergency meeting with the various team leaders while we were talking.

IWS 2000:Why didn’t you tell me about something that important earlier!?

AUG:Are you telling me that you’d actually have any chance of making it in time by the time you woke up?
Oh yes, all that talk about dreams was quite interesting.

IWS 2000:We can’t just not attend even if I can’t make it! Can’t the assistant leader go in the leader’s place?

AUG:I left early.
As part of a team that failed, the only purpose of my trip was to relay the Commander’s praise for you.

IWS 2000:The Commander…? Why?
...Or are you just winding me up again?

AUG:I told you just now. We collected a lot of information.

IWS 2000:...
...We… no, AUG...
What did you bring back from the previous mission?

AUG:Something to deepen the regrets of my team leader.
Glock 17: NBC weapons?
Is the news that the other teams brought back true!?

IWS 2000:Yes… AUG brought back images of the special storage vessel inside the cargo hold. After combining them with the information we had, that was the conclusion we reached.
I guess… we can finally say we did something for everyone after our previous mission.

SSG 69:Eh? So you’re telling me that back then... we were chasing a bunch of nukes?

IWS 2000:We’re not yet sure about the specifics of the contents.
But the Commander feels that given our recent stalemate with SF, they might be likely to use nuclear weapons...

SSG 69:But of course… viruses and poison gas are useless against us...

Glock 17: Don’t look so scared, SSG.
If you ask me, SF won’t detonate something like that just to blow up the few of us.

IWS 2000:...That’s enough off-topic chatter for now.
In order to prevent a panic, the Commander has ordered that all news related to SF possibly having nukes is to be kept secret.

SSG 69:That’s so boring… now I can’t complain about it to other people...
Plus, I just saw someone talking about it on the Griffin message board...

AUG:MDR jumped in at the right time.
Now the thread’s filled with people extolling the virtues of bullpup rifles.

Glock 17: But you’re a bullpup rifle too, AUG-san...

AUG:I’m not interested in spending time on letting others affirm my self-worth. Whether other people like me or not is none of my concern.

IWS 2000:...

AUG:IWS, is there something on my face?

IWS 2000:No… it’s nothing.
Everyone, sort out your equipment and then meet back here. All the other teams have been assigned to attack suspicious SF strongpoints.
Team Welrod will be working with us, and they’re ready to move out at any time.
This time, we’ll definitely complete our mission...
IWS 2000:That’s right, we have to do it...

[6 hours later.]

Glock 17: Leader, the SF defenses up ahead are heavier than our intel said they would be, but they haven’t spotted us yet.

IWS 2000:Roger. How about your end, SSG?

SSG 69:Visibility is good. Team Welrod is waiting for our signal.

IWS 2000:They’re much more prepared than our intel indicated… I should have anticipated this...

AUG:Are you sure you refreshed the data on the NBC detection equipment?

WS 2000:I did think of that, and I even...
Eh? Where did I put it...

AUG:It’s with me. You put it on the table after you finished your scan.

IWS 2000:Ah… uh… thank you… and sorry...

AUG:It was nothing.
Rather, the position of this SF base...

IWS 2000:…What’s wrong?

AUG:Nothing. But judging by the feel of the wind, it’s going to rain soon.
Let’s commence when ready, Leader. Let’s wrap up what we couldn’t finish the last time.