Story/Night 7-4 (Part1)/Script

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Jericho: I’ve never heard that name before, Negev.
Jericho: Does SF really have a ringleader like that? You’re not making this up, are you?

Negev: You’ve been convalescing too long, Jericho. SF has been developing new ringleaders all this time, without a pause.

Negev: And she...

Negev: She was the most powerful ringleader I’ve ever seen...


Dreamer: What’s this? Are you hiding?
Dreamer: Do you not want to see me so badly?
Dreamer: Am I… really so frightening?

Negev: Commander, avoiding a conflict will be very difficult. I would recommend depleting her strength head-on.
Negev: After that, my people will take a squad and recover the objective from the rear. Get ready...

Jericho: Are you ready?

Negev: ...Eh?

Jericho: This is your first mission as squad leader, right? Are you really going to do this?

Negev: I will.
Negev: Someday...

Negev: Watch me, Jericho.
Negev: I will survive, and then tell you of my victory...
Negev: Our bloodline will bring glory to this night. Wish me luck.