Story/Night 7-3 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation ends and Negev is in front of the plant.]

Negev: This was quicker than I anticipated. You’ve improved tremendously, Commander.
Negev: After watching that operation with M4A1, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong picking you.
Negev: This is the last step, let’s make it a good one.

TAR-21:Negev, SF patrols are about to reach me, can you draw them off?

Negev: I don’t have any manpower.

TAR-21:You’ll be screwed if anything happens to me, you know that, right?

Negev: Of course, so wait a while.
Negev: “They” ought to be coming back soon.

Galil: Hey, Negev!

Negev: What’s this, you actually survived.

Galil: Hah, I got through this thanks to you.
Galil: Still, could you send someone more reliable to fetch me next time?

Uzi: Hey! I saved you and not only do you not thank me, you complain about it!?

Galil: Hah? If I hadn’t shot those SF pursuers off your back, you’d have been pretty far up the creek yourself, no?

Uzi: I did it to save you, didn’t I? You think it’s fun for me, being given a hard job with no appreciation like this the moment I return to the team?

Galil: Haha, sorry but I’m not a good girl who gets all grateful when I hear “I did it all for you~”

Uzi: Of course I know that! That’s why I didn’t want to come back! You’re all weirdos who won’t listen to reason!

Negev: But you did come back in the end.
Negev: Hehe, so you couldn’t find a more suitable place for yourself after all?

Uzi: Tch, as if it wasn’t your fault.
Uzi: Especially you, Negev! You’re the most reckless one of all!

Negev: Perfection isn’t a strength of mine. All I need is victory.

Uzi: Honestly… who the hell did you learn that win-at-all-costs attitude from?
Uzi: Do we have any stingy misers around us?

Negev: Alright, since you passed the test, it’s time for your next job.

Uzi: Hey, I never said-

Negev: Tavor’s in a spot of trouble. Galil, Uzi, make some noise and lure the nearby patrols away.
Negev: Do it in 10 minutes. Hurry.

Galil: Hah, well that’s enough. Let me go tidy up my hair, the wind and sand’s-

Uzi: You want to what your what? We’ve only got 10 minutes left! Step on it!

Galil: Hey! You-
Galil: Hold on, we can make it-

[The message ends.]

Negev: That should settle it all.
Negev: That leaves the SF ringleader...
Negev: The dummy wandering around the inside of the plant...

Dreamer: My… and who are you calling a dummy, young miss?

Negev: …!
Negev: Dreamer...
Negev: The intel clearly stated your location was-

Dreamer: My location? I can show up anywhere.
Dreamer: In particular, where you need me to show up.

Negev: So… you’re the mighty foe that nobody dared to make a move on.
Negev: Have you been watching us all this time, through your remotely-controlled dummy?

Dreamer: This is the garden that I tend. I will not permit trespassers to taint it.
Dreamer: Or perhaps I guessed wrong, and you simply passed through here by accident and intend to slink away?

Negev: My senior once taught me that there was no need for unnecessary complications on the battlefield.

Dreamer: But you don’t strike me as a good girl. Much like myself.

Negev: It’s true, I’ve disappointed her all this while and held her back...
Negev: But that was why she remembered me, as a bad student who could always surprise her.

Dreamer: Then, am I a surprise to you?

Negev: ...No.
Negev: But part of you will be. After this battle, I’ll take my time picking it out.

Dreamer: Negev, is that your name?
Dreamer: While this is the first time we’ve spoken, I think… I quite like you...
Dreamer: Therefore, may I devour you?