Story/Night 7-3 (Part1)/Script

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Jericho: So, you abandoned your comrades?

Negev: I didn’t forget what you taught me, Jericho.
Negev: The mission is more important than your companions, because...

Jericho: You can rebuild a doll companion, but you can’t un-fail a mission.
Jericho: It looks like you carried that out more thoroughly than I did.

Negev: Someone always has to carry on your style. And besides, someone always has to be the bad guy.

Jericho: ...
Jericho: You have your own path, Negev.

Negev: Does this also count as a poor choice on your part?

Jericho: I have a long list of your mistakes in my neural cloud.
Jericho: But this...
Jericho: This… well, if Griffin allowed it, I won’t say any more.

Negev: Then let me continue. The next part is what’s important.


TAR-21:Negev, are you ignoring Galil?

Negev: Don’t worry about her.
Negev: We can only pick one side, so we’re going to pick the more important one.

TAR-21:That’s true. This would be more “worthwhile”.
TAR-21:What did the Commander say?”

Negev: I told him the whole plan, and the Commander believed me.
Negev: Tavor, have you taken care of the vehicle plant’s interior?

TAR-21:I can only keep a path open for 3 minutes. Will that be enough?

Negev: 3 minutes, huh, that might be a little difficult.

TAR-21:That’s your problem, Milady.

Negev: Hah, not worried that I won’t reinforce you?

TAR-21:You told us that the mission was more important than one’s friends; were you lying to us?

Negev: ...Alright, haggling with you was a mistake on my part.
Negev: Listen for my signal. When I give the word, open the passage in the vehicle plant.

TAR-21:Ready and waiting for your order.

[Beep - the message ends.]

Negev: We need to hurry, Commander. Time is tight.
Negev: ...Hold it, you’re not asleep, are you?
Negev: Honestly… I left some energy drinks in the fridge. Go take one out and chug it down, the whole thing.
Negev: Got it? I’m waiting for you. Go now.

[Glug glug glug]

Negev: How’s that? Feeling better?
Negev: … Good grief, what would you do if I wasn’t your adjutant? Think about it.
Negev: Pull yourself together. Things will be dicey if we miss our chance and run into the enemy leader.
Negev: ...What? I’m not afraid, but as your adjutant, isn’t it my job to find the optimal solution for you?
Negev: ...That’s right. You need to make sure all the suffering and sacrifice up till now was worth it. Now go!