Story/Night 7-2 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation is over.]

Negev: Commander, everything has gone well so far.
Negev: How about the mighty foe that nobody’s ever seen before? I believe they’re still in the deepest reaches, right?
Negev: ...Hm? Enemies? Didn’t we take them all out?
Negev: If we go by the results, killing them all is effectively the same as maintaining stealth, right? Then next up-

TAR-21:Tavor to Negev! Negev, are you there?

Negev: Negev is always here. What’s up?

TAR-21:Sorry, there’s been a change in the situation.
TAR-21:I think my movements alerted an SF unit, they’re gathering near the vehicle plant.
TAR-21:If you can get to the vehicle plant within half an hour, you ought to have a chance to retrieve the objective without an all-out conflict..

Negev: Galil, did you hear that? Help me check my current route...
Negev: Hey, Galil…?

[Beep, beep]

Galil: ...Negev! Did you hear that!

Negev: SF’s found me and they’re surrounding me as I speak. I need support and an evac route!

Negev: For both sides at once?

Galil: At once? What do you mean at once? Hurry up and save me!

Negev: Tell me the quickest route and the time needed to travel to the vehicle plant from my current position. I’ll think about saving you after that.

Galil: Ahhhh, there it is! Negev-style negotiation! Who the hell did you learn it from!?

Negev: I’m a genius. I knew what victory meant ever since I was made. Have you forgotten?
Negev: Hurry, there’s not much time.

Galil: Alright, alright, I’ll give you the route. It’ll take 25 minutes at the earliest, provided you go through the next observation post at maximum speed!

Negev: What are the conditions for maximum speed?

Galil: Don’t alert too many people, or kill them all.

Negev: Just the way I like it.

Galil: Then about my rescue, will Tavor-

Negev: Tavor’s busy and can’t make it. Hang in there and don’t die.

Galil: What? Hey, then what...

[Beep - Negev hangs up.]

Negev: Alright then, I’ll carry out the final retrieval myself.