Story/Night 7-2 (Part1)/Script

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[Half an hour later]

Galil: Galil to Negev. Do you read me?

Negev: Make it quick.

Galil: I’ve verified the target’s position. It’s just like our intel says, in the abandoned vehicle plant.

Negev: Hehe, well, it’s my intel after all.

Galil: Yes yes, it’s all yours, we’re all yours-
Galil: Still, can you read a map? Do you see how far away we are from that vehicle plant?

Negev: Is it that far? It’s only 3 hours away, right?

Galil: If there were no enemies, no obstacles, and we were running the distance in a stadium with no navigation issues.
Galil: But guess where we are now, Milady?
Galil: We’re in the middle of SF territory!

Negev: That’s why I sent you out to conduct recon.

Galil: Ha, ha, ha… so that’s the “cautious” side of you.
Galil: Now what? My part’s done, so what will you do?

Negev: Remain where you are and continue observing. The Commanders about to move his echelons in.

Negev: I’ll stay in contact with Tavor and monitor how much progress she’s making with her infiltration.

Galil: Hey, Negev?

Negev: What?

Galil: Be careful.

Negev: It’s just a night mission. There’s nothing I’m not good at.

Galil: I was talking about...
Galil: Forget it, just do your best and keep everyone safe.


Jericho: Negev.

Negev: Hm?

Jericho: You were too rash.

Negev: I know.

Jericho: You didn’t absorb anything I taught you.

Negev: That wasn’t an education, more like a suicide run.
Negev: Even if I remembered it, I’d forget it after dying.

Jericho: I told you, I’d help you all remember.

Negev: But if you did that... then we wouldn’t remember you.

Jericho: I don’t care. We’re soldiers.

Negev: Humans wouldn’t entrust their safety to cold machines, so Griffin chose us.
Negev: My digimind tells me that I don’t want to forget you, and if possible, nobody would want to forget you.

Jericho: Who taught you that? This… “way of thinking”?

Negev: ...
Negev: What are you afraid of, Jericho?

Jericho: ...
Jericho: You’ve grown while I wasn’t paying attention… or at least your ability to flap your lips has.
Jericho: Still, what were you assigned to recover?

Negev: Well... let me explain slowly...
Negev: I need to organize my thoughts, and elaborate on them when the time is right.

Jericho: I was right about you. After you retire, you could be a talk show host.

Negev: In any case, I guided the Commander to the vehicle plant.
Negev: Then after a series of battles, we took the surveillance point in order to contact Tavor-