Story/Night 7-1 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation ends.]

Galil: Is it safe?

Negev: It’s safe.

Galil: Negev-san, is the “safe” you’re talking about the same thing as the “safe” I was mentioning?

Negev: Galil-san, I don’t remember you being so timid when you first joined.

Galil: Naturally, it was you who changed me, oh gallant Negev-dono.

Negev: You’re welcome. Can you move out now?

Galil: Yes, yes- my destination is the surveillance point on the other side, right?
Galil: Did you send Tavor and the others there already?

Negev: You’ll meet them.

Galil: Besides, you always did like keeping a trick or two up your sleeve.
Galil: I’m heading out. Good luck.