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???: … Here’s a question, Negev.
???: If this were your last day on earth, if you were going to meet your end today, what would you do?

Negev: I...
Negev: I don’t know what I would do...
Negev: Maybe I might take a vacation, stay in the dorm and read, listen to some music, and then water the flowers.

???: Watering the flowers, huh… so you love flowers too...

Negev: Well, I don’t love them. It’s just a hobby.

???: My, aren’t we carefree… wouldn’t you want to make up for any regrets you might have?

Negev: Make up for regrets? With the last bit of time left to me? Why would I do that?

???: Don’t you have any regrets?

Negev: That person once said...
Negev: “If you wait until the last day to tell the world ‘I love you all’, then that love is a lie.”

???: But you were never good at lying. I know that.

Negev: I just want to be myself, Jericho… the closer I am to the end, the more I want to be that way.

[Jericho forces a laugh from the shadows.]

Jericho: So that’s why it was you...
Jericho: You were the one who came to serve as my adjutant, not them...

Negev: I don’t know...
I don’t know if I really helped you...

Jericho: Need I say it? Ever since you came, you did nothing but hold me back.

Negev: Yeah, I’m trash that can’t control myself. You said that.

Jericho: Hmph…
Jericho: Let’s talk about something else, some lighter conversation.

Negev: The “Test” isn’t over yet?
Negev: Do we really have to, Jericho? It’s been two hours, and if help hasn’t arrived, we’re-

Jericho: We need to talk because help’s not coming.

[Negev sighs deeply.]

Negev: ...
Negev: Is this… the final step in the “Test”?

Jericho: Or is there another choice? I can’t think of anything else, and it’s even less possible for you.

Jericho: So, how has your performance in Griffin been lately?

Negev: *sighs* And you just said you wanted to make light conversation...

Jericho: I’m certain that you’re hiding something from me.

[Negev is silent for a moment, and then she sighs.]

Negev: Alright, I guess I can’t keep anything from you. Actually, I wanted to talk about this in a more proper place.

Negev: A week ago, my team helped complete a big mission.

Jericho: Wait, your team? But you’re my adjutant.

Negev: It was temporary. I was in Sector S05 on a mission while you were recovering last time.

Jericho: Sector S05? That’s a rough place.

Negev: If you ask me, Sector S05’s no worse than those other hells you brought me to.
Negev: Also, I met an enemy face to face, an enemy whose name would shock even you.

Jericho: You met the Mastermind?

Negev: One of its aces.

Jericho: And you survived? You expect me to believe a bratty girl like you defeated an SF ace doll and survived?

Jericho: Alright, tell me, then. I want to know what happened.

Negev: Ah, that’s right, that’s right, your habit of “picking the wrong time” has kicked in again, Jericho-san.

Jericho: I’m still your team leader now, so I won’t go easy on you.

Negev: Yes, you’ve always been so scary, even in this body...

Jericho: You’ll be obeying me even if all that’s left of me is this head. I told you before -

Negev: I know, I know, “You’re mine, all of my team members belong to me.”

Jericho: Also, come a bit closer, I can’t quite hear you.

[Negev crawls over and nudges her.]

Negev: Now, where shall I begin?

Jericho: Start from the part where you got off the transport chopper. Skip over the part where you got all smug after being appointed to the position of leader.

Negev: Tch… what a shame...
Negev: After taking the mission, I led my team off the chopper, and then...
Negev: Let me think...

Jericho: You must have embarrassed yourself again.

Negev: No, back then… at that time I was-

Galil: Negev?

Negev: Ah, yes, Galil was calling me...


Galil: ...Negev, Negev?

Negev: ...Ah?

Galil: What do you mean “ah”, what are you spacing out for ?


Negev: And back then I was indeed spacing out.

Jericho: I told you.

Negev: I like to think, have you forgotten that, Jericho?

Jericho: I forgot. What next, what did Galil say?

Negev: She was the same as always, naggy as hell, worried about everything, but later in she would be proven right.


Galil: Negev, you’re distracted again, can’t you be more serious?

Negev: Hah? I was just thinking about something.

Galil: Hah? You mean there are times when you “think”?
Galil: What was that line you said earlier? “Thinking-”

Negev: “Thinking is for idiots, geniuses rely on inspiration.”
Negev: Still, this is an important mission, so I wanted to be a little more cautious.

Galil: Caution? Haha, look at my face, Negev.
Galil: Tell me your definition of “caution.”

Negev: Well, being cautious means I’ll need you to help me perform some recon.

Galil: Give me a route that guarantees I can come back alive to draw the map and I’ll go.

Negev: Hehe, you think that’s a challenge to me?

Galil: Oh, it won’t be a problem for you, but not for the people behind us. Don’t make things difficult for the Commander.

Negev: Everything is predestined. I’m just carrying out the will of fate.

Galil: Yes, yes, that’s a very Negev-ish way of speaking… yes, you’re still you.
Galil: I’ll go prepare. You should go contact the Commander.


Jericho: I didn’t know you had such a cocky side.

Negev: There’s a difference between self-confidence and cockiness.
Negev: Under your leadership, any doll could become elite.

Jericho: Provided they stayed under my leadership.

Negev: Which is why I’m the only one.
Negev: I told you before, I’ll hang on to the very end for the sake of a promise.


Negev: Good evening, Commander. Did you have a good rest? I hope you’ve adjusted your daily routine.

Negev: Have you read up about this mission?
Negev: ...Hey, are you yawning? I told you to adjust your routine, didn’t I?
Negev: ...I’m not interested in hearing excuses. Go wash your face, then come back and we’ll start the operation.


Negev: Feeling better, Commander? Ready to work?
Negev: This mission is more dangerous than most. We’re going to penetrate deep into an SF sector to recover a resource box, and we might clash with SF forces during this time.
Negev: While we’re not sure which of their ringleaders is in charge of this place, all you need to do is follow my suggestions.
Negev: As one of Griffin’s elites, I’m here to ensure you win, so please trust me.
Negev: Now, let’s head out!