Story/Night 6-4 (Part1)/Script

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[20 minutes later, the remaining members of Team FN meet at the temporary rendezvous point.]

FN57: That FNC, hasn’t she brought T91 back yet?

FN49: Just wait a while more… she said she’d be another 10 minutes at most.
FN49: And, I’m sorry, 57, but in truth...
FN49: I’m not too sure… if those friends of ours are safe.

FN57: I know, but don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. What’s important is doing the things in front of you.
FN57: Oh yes, 49, make a note of all the places T91 mentioned earlier, then prepare what you want to say when we next contact the Commander.

FN49: Already done, we… used to encounter this sort of thing in the past.

FN57: Well done, 49. You are experienced after all.
FN57: We’ll wait for them to verify the final location before we begin the operation.
FN57: The night will be over soon. Alerting that large SF force again will be a complete failure for us.

FN49: I’m envious, 57. It’s surprising how calm you can be at a time like this.

FN57: I’m somewhat competitive. I won’t give up on something easily if I can do it by myself.

FN49: Heehee, that’s really reassuring. Sometimes I feel that you’d also be a good choice for team leader, 57...

FN57: Oi, are you serious? I mean, I’m not saying no...
FN57: And my personality doesn’t mesh too well with someone who half-asses things like FAL.

FN49: But surely Team FN wouldn’t have accomplished so much if you hadn’t supported each other, right?

FN57: Oh? And why do you think that?

FN49: From my experiences on this operation, I feel that maybe I could bring out my best because FAL was my leader...
FN49: Because she filled a hole in my digimind… she gave me something I wanted more than anything, but couldn’t obtain.
FN49: Is she the same for you too, 57?

FN57: Hmph...
FN57: You’re always so meek and mild-mannered, but you have a lot cooped up in that head of yours.

FN49: *smiles bitterly* I’m sorry, I said too much by accident.
FN49: It’s just… after this mission ends, I might not have another chance to take part in more Team FN missions.

FN57: …49, do you like the FN Team? Would you like to continue working with us?

FN49: I’d like to experience more interesting things, if I can. But a doll like me probably doesn’t deserve that...

FN57: Hehe, you’re too self-conscious, 49. You’re not the one who determines whether or not you’re worthy of such a thing.

[57 puts a hand on FN49’s arm.]

FN57: And it’s not a matter of whether you deserve to join us, but whether we need you.
FN57: Focus on surviving tonight’s mission. I’ll help put in a good word for you and FNC.

FNC: Oi! We’re back! You ready?
FNC: The final location was a bit hard to find, but thanks to T91’s pointers, we managed to verify all of them!

T91:It’s nothing, I’m just glad I was able to put my experience in running and hiding to use. Although...
T91:I lost my weapon during the previous operation, and I’m almost out of strength after running around all this time.
T91:Can I leave the upcoming operation to you?

FN57: No problem, T91. Thank you very much - we were lucky to meet you tonight.

T91: I don’t think it was just luck.
T91:I had a friend in my team before this. I couldn’t have escaped without her.

FN57: Huh? Who’s she? What happened to her?

T91: Ah...
T91:Never mind, it’s not important now. I just hope I can thank her in person.
T91:Please save everyone!

FN57: We will. T91. You’ve done a lot tonight. Have a rest now.
FN57: 49, FNC, report this to the Commander and put an operation plan together as soon as possible.
FN57: I’ll adjust my command module so I can better lead you to victory.

FNC: Will... FAL be alright?

FN57: Don’t think about unnecessary things. Just finish the mission she gave us.
FN57: Get ready and let’s begin.

[5 minutes later.]

FNC: Commander! Commander!! Commander!!!

FN49: Oi, don’t scare the Commander.

FNC: Who cares about that at a time like this!?
FNC: Commandeerrrrrrrr!

FN49: FNC, why are you stammering...

FNC: What the heck, that was just an echo!
FNC: Huh, the Commander’s actually awake?

FN49: I don’t think it’s an echo...


FNC: Commander! Did you have a good rest? We’re ready to begin the operation!
FNC: We just finished sneaking around and recording all the places where the missing dolls were being held.
FNC: Our mission now is to save them as soon as possible. That’s up to you, Commander!
FNC: Hehe, you’ve been working hard with us all night long. As a reward, come join my chocolate feast next time!

FN49: Uh… ah… Commander...
FN49: You might want to reconsider attending a feast that’s basically seeing FNC eat something up close...
FN49: In any case, thanks for being with us tonight...
FN49: We’re all ready now, so please give your final operation orders!