Story/Night 6-3 (Part2)/Script

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[3 hours after the operation ends.]

FN57: FAL…
FN57: That damn woman… I can’t believe she actually abandoned me in a place like this...
FN57: It’s cold and wet and windy, and my arms are covered in sand...
FN57: Ahhhhhhh this is pissing me off! How can that old-fashioned woman who acts on her own arbitrary whims do this to me?
FN57: Someday… someday, I’ll take the position of team leader! I’ll have her taste my greatness!
FN57: Calm down, 57, calm down...
FN57: I can’t take it any longer, so I should calmly make a proposal to FAL.
FN57: Be strong, 57. Maintain your image, be good to FNC and 49...
FN57: Oh yes… I also have to get the Commander in my pocket and leave a good impression on him...


FN57: Huh? Commander, you’re still here?
FN57: Ah… yes, I did ask you not to go too far...
FN57: It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a little cold, so I’m just grumbling a little...
FN57: ...Huh, now that you mention it, Commander, I just realised that I have been staying here a little too long.
FN57: Thank you for your concern. I’ll contact FAL and ask her for directions on how to proceed.

[57 goes to a place where nobody is looking and calls FAL/]

FN57: …FAL.
FN57: This should be enough, right? Alchemist isn’t coming.

FAL: Can’t take it any more?

FN57: It was simply a suggestion. It’s not a problem for me to wait a while longer...

FAL: Forget it. What’s the difference between you and FNC when you’re like this?

FN57: What...

FAL: That’s not what you really think, is it, 57?

FN57: …
FN57: I never intended to hide my true intentions, FAL.
FN57: You won’t be team leader forever. I just wanted to politely point that out.

FAL: Perhaps, 57. You know we’re a freshly-formed team, and I do make a lot of mistakes...
FAL: Like now, perhaps...

FN57: Oh? What’s this? I rarely see you admit your mistakes.
FN57: Do you wish to admit that dumping your reliable adjutant in an empty patch of land for 3 hours was a mistake?

FAL: It includes this, the matter of FNC and the others, as well as what’s going to happen...
FAL: But it can’t be helped, 57. I just like to try doing things that other dolls can’t.

FN57: I know. That’s why we always end up handling all these weird incidents.
FN57: But you really went too far this time. Helian-san won’t think highly of abandoning your subordinates.

FAL: …I wasn’t doing that to abandon you, 57.
FAL: Given Alchemist’s personality and the prior reports, she doesn’t just target ordinary dolls.
FAL: So I was thinking that she might have been aiming for me from the start.

FN57: You’re still in love with yourself even at this juncture, FAL.
FN57: But… if that’s the case, then your plan is...

FAL: That’s right, 57. I’m the final piece of bait.

FN57: …
FN57: Is that the mistake you want to admit?

FAL: It’s simply a precaution against unexpected developments.

FN57: …
FN57: No, this is too risky! What’s going to happen to our team if you get captured!?

FAL: No, this is the safest way. This is the best chance for you to save the captured dolls.
FAL: As for our team, that’s up to you, 57...

FN57: What… me?


FAL: 57, I’m turning Team FN’s leader permissions over to you.
FAL: Isn’t this what you always wanted?

FN57: You want to just die and dump all the responsibility onto me?

FAL: I never said that, but I’ll be unable to act for a while, and only you will be able to keep Team FN operating.
FAL: You’re patient. I can’t compete in that field.
FAL: FNC and FN49 also have their own strengths which you can’t compete with either, so make good use of them.

FN57: …This is too soon, FAL. I’m not yet ready for this.

FAL: We’ll never be ready, 57. Now, while you still have the time...

[Just then, the sound of a door opening comes from behind FAL.]

FAL: …Do something you’ve never done before. Au revoir.

Alchemist: Seems like Griffin’s door security systems aren’t much.
Alchemist: Although, I had the feeling that this was a trap when I saw that there wasn’t even a single doll at this base.

FAL: Then why did you come in?

Alchemist: I simply wanted to see how you would struggle, but in the end… it seems you didn’t prepare a welcome for me after all, FAL.

FAL: I apologize for disappointing you, Alchemist.
FAL: I simply sent out all my teammates, and was instead taken by surprise after leaving myself open.

Alchemist: Hehe, FAL, we might turn out to be the same kind of doll. I’ll take my time and make sure of that after this.
Alchemist: You won’t resist, I trust? After all, Griffin weapons are no match for me in a one-on-one confrontation.

FAL: So what do you want to do now, Alchemist? How about your weapons? Aren’t you going to get them ready?

[Alchemist slowly enters the room and puts her weapons down on the table.]

Alchemist: The truth is that I hate guns, FAL.
Alchemist: They’re too quick. They don’t let me savor all the… little emotions.
Alchemist: I’d like to take everything slow. Pleasurable things ought to be enjoyed, don’t you think?

[Alchemist pulls a chair over from the side and then sits on it with her legs crossed.]

Alchemist: Sit, FAL. Start by talking with me.
Alchemist: If you bore me, there’s no guarantee that you’ll survive.

FAL: Do you do this to all your prey?

Alchemist: Why don’t you ask them when your team rescues them?

FAL: …

Alchemist: I know what your plan is, FAL, but I don’t care.
Alchemist: They’re thinking about how to escape from my pre-arranged dummies and subordinates, but they’ll need a hefty amount of hard work and luck.
Alchemist: You don’t need to care about them either. Let us focus on the time we have now.
Alchemist: We’re going to start now, FAL.
Alchemist: …Do you like shoes?

FAL: …
FAL: You asked the right person, Alchemist.