Story/Night 6-2 (Part2)/Script

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[2 hours after the escort mission is over.]

FN49: Uuu… it’s so cold...
FN49: FNC, how are things on your side?

FNC: Me? I’m fine...
FNC: Ah choo!

FN49: FNC, are you alright?
FN49: Do you still have any hot chocolate left? Want me to send some over?

FNC: No, you mustn’t, our mission is to stand guard here, we mustn’t leave our posts!
FNC: We have to complete our mission, we can’t let her look down on us.
FNC: Also, I’m fine, I’ve got chocolate left over. I planned it out carefully this time, you know!

FN49: Hehe, you’re finally learning to control yourself when it comes to food, FNC...
FN49: That’s good. Keep it up, I’ll keep an eye on you.

FNC: Hmph! No problem! I don’t want that FAL to make light of me!
FNC: How about you, though? Are you still scared, being all alone on a place like that...

FN49: I’m okay… the lights here are bright, and I can hear your voice, FNC...
FN49: If you can bear with it, then I should be able to handle being by myself…
FN49: …Ah! Who’s that!?

FNC: What’s wrong, 49!?
FNC: Oi, 49!

FN49: It, it’s okay, she’s one of us… I think...

[The other party makes a hand gesture.]

T91: Please keep it down. Are you Griffin dolls?

FN49: Yes, I’m the Griffin Tactical Doll FN49, and you are...

T91: T91, a colleague of yours.

T91: I was carrying out a secret mission before this so I didn’t give you any advance notice about me.
T91: FN49, did you come here to save everyone?

FN49: Ah, well… our team leader asked me to come here as bait in order to capture the enemy leader...

[T91 giggles.]

T91: Ah, sorry, sorry, sometimes I just can’t keep myself from laughing.
T91: Still, that was quite an amusing little plan. Which team are you from?

FN49: Us? We’re from Team FN. We’re here to investigate the local cases of disappearing dolls.

T91: FAL’s team, huh… she’s really reckless after all...
T91: Still, you’ve gone to a lot of trouble for nothing. Alchemist only goes after elite dolls.
T91: Tell your team leader to change her plan. I can serve as bait if need be.

FN49: Huh? Would that work?

T91: Haha, it would be better to say that I’d be perfect for the job! Alchemist has her eye on me, so I need to keep changing locations.
T91: But in turn, I hope your forces can protect me, because I’m planning to save the other dolls.
T91: We ought to help each other on the battlefield, right? What do you think of my suggestion?

FNC: This is great, 49! We can go back once we catch Alchemist!

FN49: Yeah… but I need to check with FAL first.

FNC: I’m sure it’ll be fine, FN-49! However cold-blooded she is, even that ought to sound worthwhile enough to her, right?

[At the same time, in FAL’s command room.]

FN57: …FAL?

FAL: What’s the matter?

FN57: It’s been 2 hours and we haven’t seen any unusual activity from the enemy.

FAL: It’s only been 2 hours. Keep waiting.

FN57: Frankly speaking, I think you went too far with them. After all...

FAL: After all, they’re not official members of Team FN? That’s only a matter of time.

FN57: Oh? You really intend to bring them into the fold?

FAL: If we want to expand our business, we’ll need more people than our present members.
FAL: Also, while their performance isn’t as good as ours, they have a wealth of battlefield experience, which will be very useful.

FN57: You mean like “that doll”?
FN57: Do as you want. I can rest easier when there are more girls for you to order around.

FAL: You’d better work hard if you want to keep your place.

FN57: Hehe...
FN57: You know I don’t just want to keep my place.


FN57: Hm? It’s a transmission from FN49.

FAL: I’m guessing this isn’t to report that our prey took the bait.

[57 puts the transmission through and receives FN49’s report.]
[57 hangs up once the report is complete.]

FN57: …I’ll speak plainly, FAL. Your plans are always too arbitrary.

FAL: Usually, I call them “bold attempts”. At least this gives us a new clue.

FN57: So you’re planning to adopt T91’s proposal?

FAL: ……

FN57: Oi, FAL, if you’re carefully considering it, then put the magazine aside.

FAL: 57, T91 just said that Alchemist only preys on elite dolls, right?

FN57: Yes, and so T91 currently the best choice for bait.

FAL: No, there’s another doll who's even more suitable for this.

FN57: …What are you trying to say?

FAL: 57, aren’t you an elite doll too?