Story/Night 6-2 (Part1)/Script

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[15 minutes later.]

FAL: ...In any case, that’s how it is, Commander.
FAL: I’m sending 2 dolls out to bait Alchemist into showing up.
FAL: Your mission is to protect them on their way to the objective...

FNC: Hey! What do you mean, “on their way”? Does that the Commander won’t protect us any more once we reach the base!?

FAL: Of course there’ll be no need for the Commander to follow you once Alchemist appears.
FAL: Besides, your digiminds are already backed up, there’s nothing to worry about.

FN49: Uuu… even so, that’s too much...

FNC: Don’t cry, 49! Don’t let them look down on us!
FNC: Listen, FAL, don’t think you can scorn us just because you’re an elite doll! We’re going to survive this!

FAL: Excellent. This operation has a limited budget, so don’t add to our repair bills.
FAL: And it would be good to save on rations too, FNC, especially given the way you-

FNC: I know that, FAL! Enough of this lecturing, let’s go!

[FAL shrugs.]

FAL: Commander, I’m entrusting the two of them to you. Let’s begin the operation.