Story/Night 6-1 (Part2)/Script

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[The operation ends, and FAL links up with Team FN.]

FAL: You’re late, you two.

FN49: I, I’m terribly sorry! There were too many enemies, FAL-san, so we had to detour a long way...

FAL: 57, you should have picked a rendezvous point closer to them.

FN57: They said it was fine, so I didn’t ask any further.

FN49: I’m sorry… We thought we could make it on time, I guess it was a bit too much for us...

FAL: Don’t force yourself if you know you can’t do it. Have some self-awareness.

FN57: Don’t scold them too much - FN-49, just keep this in mind for next time.
FN57: Now then, can you tell us the results of the reconnaissance?

FN49: Alright… FNC has all the information. FNC?
FN49: FNC? Stop eating and speak up!

FNC: Mff… mmmf! Okay!
FNC: Ah… we checked it all!
FNC: The local SF ringleader is definitely Alchemist, and we’re pretty certain she’s the culprit behind the recent cases of doll disappearances.

FN57: Alchemist? I didn’t think she’d actually be here...
FN57: This sector has no more value to SF, so why...

FAL: Why she’s here isn’t important. What we need to do next is discuss strategy.

FNC: Eh? We’re going to go to work right away? Just the 4 of us?

FN57: The other two members of Team FN are on other missions, so we’ll be counting on you this time round.

FN49: Thank you! This is an honor for us! We’ll definitely do our best!

FAL: It doesn’t matter if you do your best, as long as you do what I say.

FN57: FAL, you should praise them a little. They’re rookies, after all...

FAL: FNC, FN49, I chose you for this operation for a simple reason.
FAL: Your Imprints are similar to ours, and our operational efficiency when we sortie will be slightly higher. That’s all.
FAL: You may only be temporary members, but if you turn in a good performance, you will be richly rewarded.

FNC: Ohhh - we’ll be able to accomplish something big!

FAL: Perhaps. Let me take a look at the map...
FAL: …So the most obvious structure in the sector is that abandoned base, then?

FN57: Yes. According to our information, that’s where AR15 kidnapped M4A1.

FAL: Hehe… so this structure is still our target, then?
FAL: As it turns out, the base can be divided into two areas, and two people will do nicely, so let’s fix it here...

FN57: Your smile’s too gloomy… FAL, what mad idea did you come up with now?

FAL: What’s the first thing we need to do in order to catch Alchemist?

FN57: We’d need to find her, of course.

FAL: Fortunately, she’ll make the first move, but unfortunately...

FN57: …There needs to be prey that’s worth making a move on.

FAL: And so the most effective plan is...

FN57: …Bait.
FN57: Oh… I understand… *she looks at FN49 and FNC.*

FNC: Uh… what?

FN49: Huh? Don’t tell me...
FN49: Ehhhhhh!?