Story/Night 6-1 (Part1)/Script

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[In the Sector S08 SF interrogation room.]

Alchemist: …Now where was I?
Alchemist: Oh yes, bombs. Now, let’s talk about bombs.
Alchemist: Do you like timed bombs or the command-detonated kind?

F2000 : Ah… well…
F2000 : That would depend on the mission, right?
F2000 : After all, mankind made all kinds of weapons for different missions, did they?

Alchemist: Huh, so you don’t even have preferences of your own? You won’t be able to enjoy yourself like that.
Alchemist: As a soldier, even if you don’t like all of war, surely you must like some part of it.
Alchemist: F2000, is there nothing on the battlefield that you like, as a Tactical Doll?

F2000: I’m sorry… it’s true that I haven’t studied the battlefield too closely...
F2000: How about discussing a lighter topic instead?
F2000: Like shoes, for instance. Shall we talk about shoes, Alchemist?

Alchemist: …Shoes?
Alchemist: Are pretty shoes and handbags everyday topics for Griffin dolls?

F2000: Well... there’s a lot of dolls who like weapons, so maybe I’m part of the minority.
F2000: I’m sorry, I wasn’t your original objective, was I...
F2000: You must be disappointed to have captured a boring, low-grade doll like myself...

Alchemist: …Certainly not, F2000.
Alchemist: At the very least I’ve learned through you that even a non-elite doll can make interesting faces.
Alchemist: And with you, I can at least compare you to my other prey...

F2000: …Huh?

Alchemist: What, you still don’t know? You’re not the only one I caught.
Alchemist: Do you recognize this weapon?

[Alchemist takes out a rifle.]

F2000: This is… T91’s…
F2000: What… what happened to her!?

Alchemist: She was the only one to escape. I took care of everyone else.
Alchemist: Do you understand? Your act of courage didn’t save too many of your friends.

F2000: Whew...

[F2000 smiles in relief.]

F2000: At least someone escaped. My mission is complete now.

Alchemist: Ah...
Alchemist: Griffin dolls are all so boring...
Alchemist: Fortunately, I know how to amuse myself.

[Alchemist raises the automatic pistol in her hand.]
[F2000’s body starts to tremble. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.]

F2000 : Is this… the end for me...?

[Bang bang!]

F2000 : Ahhhh!

[Alchemist uses the pistol to take out a dummy.]

F2000 : Alchemist… you…?

Alchemist: Ssshhh… don’t cry out, F2000… don’t let me find you...
Alchemist: Now, you must be quiet, and hold your breath, and wait...
Alchemist: Until either the bullets in this gun or your luck runs out...

[Bang bang!]

F2000 : …!