Story/Night 5-4 (Part1)/Script

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[5 minutes later.]

Destroyer: Hahaha! How do you feel, Griffin maggots!?
Actually, I found you long ago, I just didn't want to scare you off too early.
Even if that shot didn't wipe you all out, you should know the power of the Jupiter Cannon now, right?
The, for the next shot, I will...

56-1: There won't be a next shot...

Destroyer: Huh?

97S: If I remember correctly... Your name is Destroyer, right?

Destroyer: Hehe, of course, I'm SF's demolitions specialist!
I almost killed your boss once, to say nothing of you...

NZ75: We don't care about the boss...
But we're going to kill you today!

Destroyer: Hah? You talk pretty big! Do you know who I am? I'm...

NZ75: Of course we know who you are... aren't you that stupid SF that M4 was chasing all over the place?

97S: You're just the leader of a pack of beaten dogs! *spit*

56-1: Now, you shall pay the price!

[Amidst the rubble. the three dolls bump their fists.]

56-1: For the sake of that fresh boar meat...

97S: For those round, plump and red persimmons...

NZ75: ...Correction, that would be tomatoes.
In any case, comrades, we must not fall here and waste their sacrifice!

Destroyer: Hey, what do you mean by boar meat and persimmons, I didn't blow those up!
Hang on! Why are you all rushing at me!?
Guards, stop them! Stop those lunatics!


M99: Where... it seems everyone's decided to focus their efforts to fight the enemy at last.
Although things turned out a little surprising... just like Hawk said, sometimes all we can do is bear with it.
Now then... Sir, are you still listening?
The girls might be in high spirits right now, but the enemy is quite numerous.
Please help take the local command post and give us a chance to stage a breakthrough.