Story/Night 5-2 (Part2)/Script

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[The group arrives at the reconnaissance point where NZ-75 is.]

M99: Huh? Where’s NZ75?

56-1: Doesn’t look like she’s here. What now?

97S: Don’t worry, I know what to do.
Oi, NZ, your new skirt’s here! And its pattern this time round is-


M99: Huh, so she was above us all along.

NZ75: Youyouyou, are you tired of living!?
I didn’t buy a new skirt, definitely not!

97S: That’s fine, besides, it’s not like it can be any more vulgar than last week’s…
Hurry up and report your findings to Leader!

NZ75: Honestly…
Anyway, there’s a large number of SF bases ahead, but they don’t seem too alert, so it shouldn’t pose a huge problem if we’re cautious.

56-1: How about our resupply point?
I’m talking about a place with proper food, not hardtack biscuits and Snickers.

NZ75: Ah, about that…
Unfortunately all the resupply points along the way were either blown up or they were looted after their alarm systems were wrecked.

56-1: W-what!?
Dammit, I should have ignored the arrangements and swapped shifts with you earlier!

NZ75: It’d be the same no matter who did it, and besides, I’m still hungry…

M99: Everyone, I guess we have no choice.
We’ll fill our bellies with emergency canned rations and then send our cargo over quickly.
I’m sure the local residents will treat us well…

NZ75: Hmph, those humans depend on relief supplies to survive. What makes you think they could cook anything good for us?

56-1: Might as well open up some of the supplies and help ourselves. They won’t notice.

M99: No. The army asked us to deliver these supplies, we can’t touch them!
56! Aren’t you famous for your integrity? How could you say something like that!?

56-1: So what if I have integrity? Does it mean I need to let people push me around!?
Food is iron and dolls are steel, we can’t fight without a meal!
(TL note: this is adapted from the CN saying of 人是铁,饭是钢,一顿不吃餓得慌)

97S: Frankly speaking, while I don’t have 56-1’s appetite...
It’s going to be really hard to stay motivated without resupply points and only ration cans.

NZ75: Surely we’d be allowed to make use of some of the humans’ supplies for the sake of operational efficiency, right?

M99: Yes, but… please hang in there, everyone.
We’re not far from our destination, and if we go a little further we’ll find an intact supply point… probably.

NZ75: And here I thought you’d say that we’d find a grove of plum trees up ahead…

97S: NZ, just listen to Leader. This IS an order, after all.
It might be hard now, but bear with it anyway. We need to focus ourselves on this. Got that?

NZ75: Cheh, then let’s hurry it up so we can knock off sooner.