Story/Night 5-2 (Part1)/Script

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[Half an hour later, along the way...]

56-1: Leader…
Come to think of it, it’s midnight already. Shouldn’t we be having a snack?

M99: Are you hungry? I have some chocolate…

56-1: Oog…
There’s not enough of that stuff to be filling, and… *takes the chocolate*

[Type 56-1 easily snaps the chocolate bar with both hands.]

M99: Hey! What are you doing? Don’t waste it if you’re not eating it!

56-1: Leader, I can tell from the texture that this is made with artificial cocoa butter.
92 gave this to you again, right? She must have known you couldn’t tell the difference and foisted the cheap stuff on you.

M99: Huh? Is that so important? I mean, you can eat it anyway, right?
56, you're usually easygoing, why'd you get so picky all of a sudden?

97S: 56-1's very particular about food, Leader. Rather, you're the one who lacks experience.
I'd suggest you follow 95 and 97 when they go out shopping again.

M99: I've got so much work to do, I don't have any time to rest.
Besides, don't ask for so much while you're on an op!
Even if you really want to have a meal, at least wait until everyone's gathered first.

97S: Who else is coming? Aren't we heading straight to our destination?

M99: We'll be going to a nearby reconnaissance point first to link up with NZ.
She was sent out to scout the nearby roads earlier, and she's back now.

56-1: NZ, huh... are we really going to ask her along?
That little chit likes to cause trouble, it's why I asked to watch the depot...

97S: Haha, so NZ's close by.
Don't worry, I'm close to her. She won't dare to act up with me around.

M99: Don't worry, 56. NZ's very serious when it comes to carrying out orders.
Also, we can't use the human supplies, so we need to wait until she reports the status of the supply depot before we can start cooking.

56-1: Then let's meet up with her ASAP, I'm starving!

M99: *smiles bitterly* Just hang in there a while longer...
Sir, please lead us to the reconnaissance point up ahead.