Story/Night 5-1 (Part2)/Script

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[They reach the objective depot.]

97s: *waves* Yo, 56-1! Long time no see!

Type 56-1: Took you long enough, did something happen on the road?

M99: Sorry, there were lots of SF along the way, and going around them took some time.

56-1: That's alright. The supplies have all been packed. Let's get out of here ASAP.

97s: Is that all? I thought we'd have a few truckloads' worth.

56-1: There was a lot before... but it's all been looted now, so I was sent to watch over what little remained.

M99: Huh? SF's so starved for resources that they have to come over and take ours?

56-1: Well... Actually, it was the people from other areas who took it, but for publicity's sake...
If it wasn't for Jupiter Cannons bombarding this place, there might not even have been this little bit left.

M99: I see... These resources were issued by the army under strict rationing, and nobody's allowed to take them without permission, not even human beings.
We need to protect the remaining supplies.

97S: Alright, let's send them safely to their destination, then!