Story/Night 5-1 (Part1)/Script

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[Near the end of Operation Hypothermia, in the Griffin command room.]

Helian: Commander, thank you for your hard work during the earlier operation.
Persica is almost finished with her technical analysis of the Jupiter Cannon, and we will be able to mount a full-scale counterattack soon.
However, you have been called here because there is another mission for you.
Come in, M99.

M99: Yes, ma'am... Good evening, sir.

Helian: Commander, SF previously used Jupiter Cannons to devastate Griffin's borders and severely threaten the safety of human-inhabited regions.
Even our supply lines and storage facilities were caught up in this as well, which made supplying these regions very problematic.
Therefore, HQ has decided to dispatch a team to a depot which is currently under attack by Jupiter Cannons in order to recover what resources remain and transport them to a nearby human town.
M99 will be the leader of the doll team for this operation. Your mission is to guide her and her team in completing her objectives.

M99: Sir, it's an honor to serve with you. I'll be counting on you for what comes next!


???: Hawk to Leader, Hawk to Leader.

M99: Ah... Leader receiving, proceed, Hawk.

Type 97S: Is it settled yet? I'm turning into an ice cube out here!

M99: Sorry, I just received clearance to proceed. I'm heading out right now!


M99: Aiya...

97S: What's wrong? The Commander's already deployed, we should take the chance to move out too.

M99: Yes... but... Hawk, we'll be moving after dark, right? Aren't you scared?

97S: Heck no. Escort missions are my specialty. Why would I be scared?
Besides, I've walked patrols down this path at night with Mosin and the others countless times. We're all familiar with it.

M99: I see... no wonder Helian-san assigned you guys to me...
But I can only feel at ease when I can see far enough away. I can't see anything at night...
I guess there's a lot of things to learn after all...

97S: Haha, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. That's called specialization.

M99: But then why did they choose me? I'm clearly not good at carrying out these missions.

97S: Aiya, Leader... things rarely go as you expect in life. Sometimes all you can do is just bear with them.
Just relax for tonight! You're under my escort too; you won't be in danger as long as I'm around!

M99: *sighs* I'll leave that to you, then. Let's go - we don't want to keep the other side waiting too long.
Sir, our objective is to reach the resource depot on top of the mountain opposite us. Please lead us on our way.