Story/Night 4-4 (Part1)/Script

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[Ten minutes later.]

Makarov: Silence everywhere. Sangvis Ferri haven't made their move yet.

RO635: They're running tests on some sort of artillery weapon with this city.
The attack wasn't directed at us, so the possibility of 92 and co.'s survival is very high.

Makarov: Oh? How do you know?

RO635: Someone's looking into it. I got word just know.

Makarov: Just now? After you cried into my shoulder?

RO635: Don't put it in such an embarrassing way! I was just venting a little!

Makarov: I see...
By the way, my way of venting is spreading words of how others vent.
I've recorded the whole thing. Look forward to tomorrow's Fatebook.

RO635: ...
This is why I wanted 92 as my adjutant.
Alright, back to business. Let's get started.

Makarov, you're at the control panel, right?
I'm sending you the commands that'll guide you on drawing Sangvis fire with our troops.
I'll go in to check up on everyone's status myself, and bring them all back if possible.

Makarov: (Sighs) Understood.
You wouldn't unwillingly stay in the control room even if I told you to.
But I'm still obliged to tell you that this is too risky.

RO635: Thank you for the reminder, but do your part, Makarov.
If anything happens to me, take our troops and return on your own.

Makarov: ...
RO, I just came back from Helian and have learned quite a few things.
Including what you want to know-what AR-15 has left behind...

RO635: ...

Makarov: Make it back alive, and I'll tell you, got it?

RO635: ...
Think about where to start before I come back.
Then let's begin.
I'm handing the ops to you, Makarov.
First, deploy our forces here...