Story/Night 4-2 (Part2)/Script

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[The rescue team reached the designated shelter.]

AAT-52: Hey! Anyone in there? We are Griffin T-Dolls. You're safe now!


AAT-52: No response. Looks like it's empty?

Type 92: We're too late. They're no longer here.
Judging by the scene, they must've been in some sort of danger and switched location at short notice.

RO635: What...
What about the document? Any sign of it?

AAT-52: Non, everything useful has been moved away...

RO635: ...

Type 92: What should we do now, RO?

RO635: I don't know... Let me think...

Type 92: What, you haven't got a backup plan?

RO635: No, I've only been thinking about how to find him and what to do after that...
Dammit... Why must everything go wrong?

Type 92: (Sighs) This is the battlefield, RO. You must consider every possibility.
The first mistake a newbie commander can make is oversimplifying matters.

RO635: I'm sorry...
Maybe... I'm not prepared to take command of this operation...

Type 92: The second mistake a newbie commander can make is overcomplicating matters.
Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is what to do afterwards.
RO, if you can't make up your mind, listen to what others have to say.

AAT-52: Um... Since no one's here, can we go back?
It's cold here, and I'm sleepy...

RO635: What sort of advice is this...

Type 92: Don't expect any useful ideas from this kind of half-baked T-Doll.
However, I also recommend retreating for now. We've already gathered all the clues we can. There's no more reason to stay here.

RO635: Yeah, understood...
Then, let's get out of here first...

??: Hail! Hail! Miss RO, are you there?!

RO635: ...!!
That voice...!!
...Who is this again?

Type 92: ...
Seriously, at least remember your own teammates...

AAT-52: It's Sten! She was doing recon in another base.
Pick up her call. She might be in trouble.

RO635: This is RO. Sten MK- is that you?

Sten MkII: Yes, Miss RO! I'm having an emergency here!
I discovered a human that hasn't evacuated!

RO635: ...?!
Do you know who they are? Where they are?

Sten MkII: Yes, by intercepting the signal and cross-referencing it with our database, he's confirmed to be a human resident in this area.
I've also located the building he's in. It seems to be in an office in a certain department store...

RO635: (Slams the table) Document 36!

Sten MkII: Huh? Are you sure?

RO635: 500% positive! That department store is just a guise!
Sten, can you get in touch with him?

Sten MkII: Sorry, Miss RO... I can't...
He has locked himself inside the office building and is rejecting all communication.
I want to ensure his safety, but he abjectly refuses to open the door.

AAT-52: He won't open the door even to a pretty girl?
Then your tricks aren't good enough. I told you to loosen that collar!

Sten MkII: W-What kind of trick is this?! Like hell I'd use it!

RO635: ...
He's searching for something unspeakable, including Document so as to destroy them...
We must hurry, or our mission will fail!

Sten MkII: Hold on, Miss RO. I've also detected new activities from S.F.

RO635: ...What activities?

Sten MkII: They've installed a huge piece of equipment in the outer area. I can't tell its function just yet...

RO635: ...It can't be anything good, that's for sure.

Sten MkII: My thoughts exactly. But we can't just abandon this human, can we? What should I do?

RO635: ...
STEN, lie low for now and observe his movements.
Our teams will get there as soon as we can to sort things out.
...If the human tries to run, please pin him down by force.

Sten MkII: Huh? Is...that necessary? Won't that be too risky?

AAT-52: RO, have you forgotten again? Unless given special permission by a superior, we can't...

RO635: I AM your superior, and I'm granting you special permission to do so.
But take note, if your life is at stake, prioritize your own survival. Rescue others only when the situation allows.

Sten MkII: Roger. I'll go look for a place to hide now. Please send reinforcements soon, Miss RO.

Type 92: You've accounted for unexpected circumstances this time. That's some improvement as a commander.

RO635: The way things are going, I have no choice but to rack my brain...
Still... Have I really considered all possibilities?

Type 92: Do what you can for now, and improvise when you have to.

RO635: Right, then let's go. Sten and Document 36 are both waiting for us.