Story/Night 4-2 (Part1)/Script

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Type 92: RO, according to information given by AAT, the humans were hiding in the local shelter.

RO635: Roger that. Thank you for doing the investigation.
I shall now direct the operation.

Type 92: Have you considered your next move?

RO635: There's bound to be a way to make that human spill. I'm an expert. There's no way I'd botch it.

Type 92: That's not the only thing. I'm also talking about any unexpected circumstances that may arise during the operation...

RO635: Don't worry, 92. I trust you so much, you should also trust me, you know.
I'm the one in command. I won't let there be unexpected circumstances.

Type 92: ...Of course.
You're the boss. We all listen to you.

RO635: Thank you. Not let's get started.
Listen up, everyone. We are taking over the shelter in this area.
Our objective is to promptly and safely rescue the humans trapped within. Let's go!