Story/Night 4-1 (Part2)/Script

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[Rescue mission accomplished. Type92 successfully rendezvous with the trapped teammate.]

Type 92: RO, I've reached the destination. About to meet up with her any second now.

RO635: Good. Let me see who on earth...

AAT-52: Merci! Merci!
I knew you wouldn't just leave me, Mademoiselle Type92!

RO635: ...
If you called this a 7, what's a 10 for you?

Type 92: 10 is if we came too late and all there's left to rescue was a squashed tomato.
And if we go by common sense, a squashed tomato can't spit out any information.

AAT-52: Non, non, even a tomato that hasn't been squashed can't speak!
Uhh wait... You're talking about me?

RO635: (Sighs) At least tomatoes don't talk nonsense and have us running after things like butterflies and taxis...

AAT-52: Hey! I really found actual information this time, alright?!
Listen, I know where Document 36 is!
It's currently in the safekeeping of a human that has stayed behind!

Type 92: A human that has stayed behind? ...Are you sure you're not mistaken?
All human residents have been evacuated. That's why we could slip in to look for you.

RO635: No... It is actually possible.
A few humans have gone missing during the evacuation. Judging by the information, these people couldn't have missed the evacuation notice.
They must've stayed behind deliberately to move those documents before Sangvis Ferri made it here...

Type 92: Then it gets tricky. Even if we find them, we can't just fight them for the document.

RO635: Uh... Why can't we?

Type 92: Have you forgotten, RO?
Unless given special permission by a superior, Griffin automatons can't exercise violence of any kind against any human being.

AAT-52: Not even verbal abuse!
Bien sûr. If they request this kind of service, we are more than welcome to deliver it.

Type 92: What? Don't tell me you don't know about that...

RO635: Ah... Working at Griffin still takes some getting used to...

Type 92: I know. You came back not long ago, after all. There must be many things you're unfamiliar with.
You returned for Document, right? Don't get too excited and botch it.

RO635: Don't worry. I know what I have to do.
First things first, find the human in possession of Document 36. We'll deal with whatever comes next.