Story/Night 4-1 (Part1)/Script

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[Griffin Control, Area S09.]

RO635: Who?!
Who's there?!


??: I'm Assassin of Sangvis Ferri.
Commander of Griffin, your time is up.

RO635: Humph...
Save it. If you really were Sangvis, you'd have died before you could run your mouth.

??: If I really were Sangvis, I wouldn't have given you time to even open your mouth.


Type 92: At least lock the door when you're on duty.

RO635: (Shrugs) What's there to fear with you watching my back?

Type 92: Don't let your guard down, Miss Commander.
All personnel assigned to you this time are notorious punks, present company included.

RO635: You're very dependable as an adjutant. We may have worked together only for a couple of days, but I have no doubt about it.

Type 92: Why, thank you. But compliments will get you nowhere.
You still have much room for improvement, Commander. Work hard, okay?

RO635: Well, it's only for this one-off operation.
And stop calling me Commander. I'm just a T-Doll with temporary authorization.

Type 92: Whatever. You're in command in any case.
Enough with the small talk, RO. Wash your face and wake yourself up.
There's been new development in the search for Document 36. Time for you to make your decision.

RO635: (Sighs) Okay. I'll make some coffee. Keep going.

Type 92: Our teammate found a lead here, but she triggered a Sangvis alarm and is having trouble slipping away.

RO635: Tell her to standby where she is. You go get her. I'll cover you.

Type 92: How decisive of you. Not gonna observe the situation a bit longer?
This place is prowling with Sangvis forces. Perhaps we should wait for Makarov to come back with directives from the higher-ups...?

RO635: The local human residents have been evacuated, while Sangvis forces haven't completely occupied the area. Now is our only chance.
We can't afford to wait for Makarov. Grab Document 36 and run for it.
But who's the teammate in question?

Type 92: Who do you want it to be?

RO635: Anyone who's reasonably reliable, really. I don't want this to be a fool's errand...

Type 92: Then sorry to disappoint...

RO635: 10 out of 10 in terms of bad news?

Type 92: Maybe a 7.

RO635: (Shrugs) Fine. I'll just treat it as a rescue mission...
Everybody listen, our target this time is the Sangvis command post in this area. We are to give our companion a chance to escape.
All right, Griffin, prepare to move out!