Story/Night 3-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-4-2

...Five hours after operation finished, in front of the meeting room of G&K HQ.
OTs-14: The meeting haven't finished yet, how are you holding up Mosin-Nagant?
M1891: Eh... Shouldn't be a problem.
OTs-14: Must be bored to standing around here like a Christmas tree, with what's your sister gotten herself into...
M1891: I'm not really worried, since Makarov is handling it. Just no news yet...
OTs-14: That sector was an important base of operation for Sangvis Ferri, we don't get news from that place often.
OTs-14: Don't worry, Helian sent that Commander to assist them...
M1891: Shh... What if the military hears about this...
OTs-14: Right, They probably don't want us to send Commanding officers for tasks like this.
OTs-14: But, Helian actually sent a Commander to rescue Nagant.
M1891: Yes, I'm grateful to her actions.
M1891: For whatever purposes, or outcomes...
M1895: Haha, here you are Mosin-Nagant!
M1891: Ehh...
M1895: Finally back, did anyone miss me!
OTs-14: Hmm, decent outcome it seems.
AK47: Man... So tired.
SKS: What a lovely reunion, almost worth the effort we put in.
M1891: Thank you both very much, AK47, SKS...
M1891: But... Where did Makarov go?
M1895: She went to see Helian, important report or something.
AK47: Report that gizmo you had on you? She took it with her.
SKS: What even is that, is it that important?
M1895: Well...
M1895: If I recall correctly... It's only a communication device.

Scene 3-4-3

...Helian's office.
Helian: This operation was a success, you and the Commander will be receiving a bonus.
Makarov: Thank you very much.
Makarov: But if I may say, what is special about this communication device?
Helian: Oh? Normally you won't ask this kind of questions.
Makarov: Slightly curious... Regarding the orders we accept.
Helian: This was left over by AR-15, intel suggests Ferri made modifications to this.
Helian: 16LAB wishes to investigate it, this might be the key object for us to win this conflict.
Makarov: ...Understood.
Makarov: If this operation didn't have a commanding officer overseeing, it would have ended in complete disasters.
Helian: There is that possibility... And...?
Makarov: If...
Makarov: If Nagant didn't have something like this with her, would you still have sent Commander to assist us?
Helian: ...
Helian: Makarov... You...

Scene 3-4-4

Helian: (Smiles) You are starting to show interest, regarding your Duties.
Makarov: Yea...
Makarov: Rather, interested about our purpose...