Story/Night 3-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-4-1

AK47: Phew... Safe at last.
AK47: That was quite a boom, that Ferri ain't coming out of that.
SKS: How did you know there was a munition dump right next to the warehouse Makarov?
Makarov: Found out about it while searching for the warehouse Nagant was in.
SKS: Nicely done, no wonder even Mosin-Nagant places her trust in you.
M1895: Hey, luckily I forgot where the warehouse was, that gave Makarov a chance to look it up!
SKS: We didn't have to be here if not for you... Speaking of, whats that you holding in your hand?
M1895: I don't know, it has a G&K mark on it, so I took it with me.
Makarov: ...
Makarov: No time for chit chat, we're still in being pursued.
Makarov: Commander, are you still here? We can't go back the way we came now.
Makarov: Last mission, guide us out of this sector.